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IT Professional?

Way back when we were known as Administrators. Then the term IT Professional (often irritatingly shortened to IT Pro) appeared. We’re doing the same job but have a fancy new title. Are System Administrators really professionals in the true sense … Continue reading

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Abandoned technologies

Why do some technologies become widely adopted and others are seemingly abandoned – often without any real testing. What do I mean by abandoned technologies? Things like Server Core for instance. And I suspect that nano server and even containers … Continue reading

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Is PowerShell just for administration?

Two related questions were left on my blog recently. Is PowerShell just for administration? Should I learn PowerShell, VBScript or cmd tools? PowerShell was introduced as Microsoft’s automation engine for the Windows platform. It includes a scripting language, a shell … Continue reading

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Inertia rules

In this article Don Jones explains Windows administrators have difficulty explaining, and “selling” PowerShell to Linux admins. I’ve known Don for quite a long time and He’ll be the first to tel we don’t agree on everything so It’ll … Continue reading

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Easy and Expert

This is a very interesting article – The premise that there is no “easy” button in IT is spot on and fits with this quote from  Theodore Roosevelt: “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless … Continue reading

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Too many Windows 10 releases????????

The last couple of days have seen some incredibly stupid headlines but one that caught my eye was someone from the “computer press” whining that there are too many releases of Windows 10. Unbelievable What part of the Windows Insider … Continue reading

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PowerShell certifications revisited

Years ago (seems like decades so much has happened) I published my view on PowerShell certification: A recent comment on the post asked if I still felt the same way. Its not a topic I’d thought about all that … Continue reading

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