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PowerShell Remoting

The ability to run PowerShell commands on remote machines was at the top, or close to the top, of everyone’s requirements for the V2 version of PowerShell.  The V2 CTP delivers remoting functionality. The Windows Remote Management service must be … Continue reading

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Get-member and get-help are two of the most used cmdlets when learning (and using PowerShell).  Get-member has some improvements in V2 that are worth exploring.  I even found some functionality that is in V1 that I wasn’t aware of.  If … Continue reading

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PowerShell V2 Out-GridView

One of the starting points for any demonstration of PowerShell basics is the Get-Process cmdlet.  It returns a list of the currently running processes in a table format.  We can then use Sort, Select or even Where to refine the … Continue reading

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If you haven’t seen this site – – it is well worth a look.  Sponsored by Quest, Sapien, ShellTools and Microsoft it provides an excellent introduction to the greater PowerShell community.   Forums, Blogs (links and internal to the site), … Continue reading

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PowerShell Plus

One bonus of the trip to IT Forum the other week was a chance to meet up with some of the leaders of the PowerShell community.  I had a number of talks with MOW about various things PowerShell related (amongst … Continue reading

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Nice video of Jeffrey Snover explaining some of the back ground to PowerShell.  The last few seconds are brilliant Also check this one Technorati Tags: PowerShell

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Calculations revisited

In my previous post!43CFA46A74CF3E96!896.entry I showed that the totalitemsize property of Get-mailBoxStatistics usually returned a string showing the mailbox size in bytes with the string ending in a "B".  However If the size is an exact number of kilobytes then … Continue reading

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