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A thought for Halloween

Just a quick thought 31 OCT = 25 DEC Enjoy Advertisements

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PowerShell too big to know

A couple of sentences in the Scripting Guy’s post from yesterday stuck in my mind: “I am not certain I have ever met anyone who knows everything there is to know about Windows PowerShell. In fact, I am not … Continue reading

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Time for D-CRUD?

I was thinking on the plane back from the PowerShell summit about the CRUD activities. They are a concept we have inherited from the database world: C = Create R = Read U = Update D= Delete Create, Update and … Continue reading

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Can I? Should I?–examples–legacy scripts

In this post I stated that PowerShell isn’t necessarily the right answer to every problem. I was left a comment asking if I could expand.  I’ll do that over a series of short posts as I think of examples. … Continue reading

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Can I? Should I?

The question “Can I do X with PowerShell?” comes up very frequently. PowerShell provides access to a huge range of functionality: .NET COM WMI Microsoft and third party products Usually the answer is “Yes, you can” BUT What doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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PowerShell Basics: Getting the job done

Warning: this post contains a lot of personal opinion. In my recent post I showed that there were a number of ways of “pinging” a remote machine: Using Ping Using WMI Using .NET Using cmdlet In many cases there … Continue reading

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Why don’t people learn new technologies?

I have been wondering why people do not seem to want to learn new technologies.  I spend a fair amount of time in various online forums and we often see the same questions repeated at fairly regular intervals.  In many … Continue reading

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