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PAM release February 2012

I have added another module to the PowerShell Admin Modules –   Release 0.7 adds a PAMHostsFile module with the following members add-hostfilecontent add-IPv6hostfilecontent clear-hostfilecontent get-hostfilecontent remove-hostfilecontent   A release notes document is also available which includes a listing … Continue reading

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PowerShell Admin Modules

Just been checking the stats on the PowerShell Admin Modules – – and this month its reached over 1000 downloads. I have a couple of updates in the pipeline that should be available soon.

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Scripting Guy discusses PAM modules

My codeplex project publishing PowerShell Admin Modules (PAM) is discussed in this post In particular the Get-OSInfo function from the PAMSysInfo module is heavily featured

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Many numbers in computing are based on powers of 2. I need to calculate some powers of 2 and realised that PowerShell doesn’t have  an operator for raising  a number  to a power.  In many languages ** or ^ supply … Continue reading

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New PAM version

I’ve added the 0.6 release of the PowerShell Admin Modules to codeplex – This release adds two modules PAMADSNAPSHOT – functions for work with AD snapshots in Windows 2008 & 2008 R2 PAMLOAD – loads all of the PAM … Continue reading

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Some Questions about your code

I had this comment left on my blog related to a tweet announcing the availability of the 0.5 version of PowerShell Admin Modules. It raises a few interesting questions so I decided to reproduce it in full.  Thanks to Thomas … Continue reading

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PAM 0.5

Just released PowerShell Admin Modules (PAM) 0.5.  This adds the PAMStability module for working with stability and reliability metrics on Windows 7 and 2008 R2. The following 2 functions are available: get-stabilityindexget-reliabilityrecords see

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