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IIS information

In my recent post about getting server information from a IIS web server I said I post about getting similar information from later machines. You still have the root\MirosoftIISv2 namespace available if you install the IIS 6.0 tools but one … Continue reading

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European PowerShell Conference 2016–few places left

There are still a few places left at the European PowerShell conference next month – There’s a terrific line up of speakers and I really recommend you get there if you can

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IIS 6.0 server information

A question of the forum asked about getting data from IIS 6.0 servers One of the ways to access this data is to use CIM (WMI). IIS 6.0 has the root\MicrosoftIIsV2  namespace. Later versions of Windows server also have a … Continue reading

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Breaking CIM sessions

A CIM session is analogous to a PowerShell remoting session but for CIM based cmdlets – the CIM cmdlets themselves and any CDXML based cmdlets e.g. the networking cmdlets By default a CIM session uses WSMAN as its transport protocol … Continue reading

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LocalAccounts module

I’m running Windows 10 and I’m on the fast ring for new Windows 10 builds. Sometimes that’s a good thing and other times its not. I decided to update help and after the update got a message: Failed to update … Continue reading

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Module Name change NetworkSwitch to NetworkSwitchManager

Just been caught out by a module name change in WMF 5.0 The NetworkSwitch module has been renamed to NetworkSwitchManager.  Still has the same functionality Disable-NetworkSwitchEthernetPort        Disable-NetworkSwitchFeature             Disable-NetworkSwitchVlan                Enable-NetworkSwitchEthernetPort         Enable-NetworkSwitchFeature              Enable-NetworkSwitchVlan                 Get-NetworkSwitchEthernetPort            Get-NetworkSwitchFeature                 Get-NetworkSwitchGlobalData              Get-NetworkSwitchVlan                    New-NetworkSwitchVlan                    Remove-NetworkSwitchEthernetPortIPAddressRemove-NetworkSwitchVlan                 Restore-NetworkSwitchConfiguration       Save-NetworkSwitchConfiguration          Set-NetworkSwitchEthernetPortIPAddress   … Continue reading

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PowerShell Community in action

In response to this post – ttps:// Japp Brasser wrote a function to automate header name replacements. You can find the function at Enjoy

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Network adapter Index

A few years ago I wrote a post about setting the IP metric on a connection – I was recently asked if the Index’s associated with network adapters were consistent acros machines. The answer – unfortunately- is no they’re … Continue reading

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Been testing things for my container talk at the Summit and opened Internet Explorer on my Server 2012 R2 machine to be greeted by “Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10” Forget Server 2016 guys all you need is Windows 10 

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PowerShell package management on PowerShell 3 and 4

PowerShell 5.0 introduced PackageManagement (Oneget) – for managing software installation packages and PowerShellGet for managing PowerShell modules. Those features are now available on PowerShell 3 and 4

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