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PowerShell Summit 2017 thoughts

2017 saw our largest Summit to date. 250 PowerShell fanatics (I use the word advisedly) descended on Bellevue Washington. The conversations had already started when I arrived at the hotel on the Friday night before the Summit! We had a … Continue reading

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Abandoned technologies

Why do some technologies become widely adopted and others are seemingly abandoned – often without any real testing. What do I mean by abandoned technologies? Things like Server Core for instance. And I suspect that nano server and even containers … Continue reading

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PowerShell Direct failure

PowerShell Direct is introduced with Server 2016/Windows 10. it enables you to create a remoting session from the Hyper-V host to a VM using the VM name or ID. I recent discovered a PowerShell Direct failure that I couldn’t explain … Continue reading

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Maximum number of Acronyms

IT is littered with acronyms – many of which you can’t remember what it means. This has been explained by recent research that shows there is a maximum number of acronyms that it is possible for one person to remember. … Continue reading

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PowerShell v6

Tried PowerShell v6 yet? Its the open sourced latest version of PowerShell – runs on Windows, Linux (various flavours) and MacOS Its available from – Before you get too excited there’s a few things you need to remember: – … Continue reading

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Summit 2017–one week to go

With one week to go before travelling to Seattle for the 2017 PowerShell & DevOps Summit I’m putting the finishing touches to my presentations and the Summit organisation. The agenda was published last October but we’ve had to make a … Continue reading

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Name mismatch

Ever wondered why you can’t do this: Get-ADComputer -Filter * -SearchBase ‘OU=Servers,DC=Manticore,DC=org’ | Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem The –ComputerName parameter on get-CimInstance accepts pipeline input BUT its by property name. PS> Get-Help Get-CimInstance -Parameter ComputerName -ComputerName [<String[]>]     Specifies computer on … Continue reading

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