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PowerShell v6: #3 Release Candidate

The PowerShell team have announced the availability of the PowerShell v6 release candidate. A release candidate is just about done with only bugs to resolve – in other words about what you can expect in the final delivery. Some … Continue reading

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Cannot verify the file SHA256 when installing package

I’m doing some work requiring containers and decided to use Server 1709 as it has some significant changes when compared to Server 2016. The documentation – – just gives options for Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server Insider Preview. … Continue reading

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Windows update change in Server 1709

When Windows Server 2016 was introduced a very nice CIM class was provided to work with Windows Updates. If you wanted to scan for available updates you could do something like this: $ci = New-CimInstance -Namespace root/Microsoft/Windows/WindowsUpdate -ClassName MSFT_WUOperationsSession $result … Continue reading

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When is PowerShell not PowerShell?

When is PowerShell not PowerShell? When its PowerShell v6. This applies to beta 9 and later Check a v6 instance PS C:\Program Files\PowerShell\6.0.0-beta.9> $PSVersionTable Name                           Value —-                           —– PSVersion                      6.0.0-beta.9 PSEdition                      Core GitCommitId                    v6.0.0-beta.9 OS                             Microsoft Windows 10.0.17035 Platform                       Win32NT … Continue reading

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PowerShell version

Depending on the version of Windows you’re running you could be using PowerShell version 1 through version 5.1 (admittedly I suspect there are very few people, if any, still running PowerShell v1). This is complicated by the various versions of … Continue reading

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Windows Server 1709 download problem

Windows Server 1709 is the first semi-annual update for Windows Server 2016. Just to avoid consistency Microsoft have decided on different naming conventions for the Windows 10 and Windows Server semi-annual updates. The Windows 10 update can be applied over … Continue reading

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Constrained PowerShell or JEA?

PowerShell remoting gives you access to all of the functionality on the box by default. You can created constrained (or restricted) endpoints that limit that functionality to specific cmdlets. Alternatively you can use Just Enough Admin (JEA) to lock down … Continue reading

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