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Heterogeneous environments

When we talk about heterogeneous environments the assumption is that we mean a mixture of Windows and Linux machines. Windows and Linux can be viewed as providing the end points of a spectrum of management issues. In reality there is … Continue reading

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PowerShell string concatenation

Strings –  a list of characters such as ‘abcd’ – are a common feature of programming or scripting. Sometimes you need to join – concatenate – two or more strings together. This is how PowerShell string concatenation works. First you … Continue reading

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PowerShell operators

PowerShell has operators – lots of operators. So many operators that it took us TWO chapters to work through them all in PowerShell in Action, third edition – Here’s how you can discover the PowerShell operators. PS> Get-Help about*operator* … Continue reading

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Comparing AD group membership on EmployeeId

Back in this post – I showed how to compare the membership of two groups using Compare-Object. The comparison was based on the samAccountName. A question raised the issue of comparing AD group membership on EmployeeId In the case … Continue reading

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PowerShell substrings

PowerShell is all about working with objects but you often have to drop to a lower level and work with properties and their values. Many objects have properties that are strings – a string is one of the standard PowerShell … Continue reading

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Further information on PowerShell 2.0 deprecation

The PowerShell team have provided further information about the deprecation of PowerShell 2.0 One point that didn’t come out is that if you remove PowerShell 2.0 your CIM sessions can all run over WS-MAN. DCOM isn’t required any more … Continue reading

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PowerShell pause

PowerShell pause – how can you pause a PowerShell script? Two ways come to mind. First if you just want the script to pause for a specified time period then you can use Start-Sleep 1..10 | foreach {   $PSItem   if … Continue reading

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