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Scripting Games September 2015

The puzzle for September is here with the write up published here Personally I don’t like the approach as it leads to code that’s difficult to read and maintain. I much prefer a simpler more verbose approach that … Continue reading

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Windows PowerShell in Action, Third Edition

PowerShell in Action by Bruce Payette has been THE book for the PowerShell expert to learn how PowerShell works under the covers. If you  wanted to know how PowerShell works and why it works the way it does – this … Continue reading

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Quick update check

Want to check on any updates that haven’t been fully applied in your environment. Run this on your WSUS server (2012 R2) £> Get-WsusUpdate -Classification All -Status Any -Approval AnyExceptDeclined | where InstalledOrNotApplicablePercentage -ne 100 You can modify the filters: … Continue reading

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Strings and collections

A question on the forum brought up a point that often confuses PowerShell novices. QUESTION: What’s the difference between $computers = ‘W12R2SUS, W12R2DSC’ and $computers = ‘W12R2SUS’, ‘W12R2DSC’ ANSWER: The first is a string PS> $computers.GetType() | ft -a IsPublic … Continue reading

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PowerShell DSC for Linux 1.1

PowerShell DSC for Linux 1.1 has been released. With bug fixes, support for the separation of configuration and node ids  and new resources this release makes it easier than ever to manage your Linux boxes through DSC

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Controlling copies

I was recently asked about ‘forcing’ a copy so that only the files you want are copied Consider a folder with lots of files. I want to copy those files that start with the letter t and have a txt … Continue reading

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WMF 5.0 production preview–installed

I’ve installed WMF 5.0 PP on a number of Windows 2012 R2 (full GUI and server core). Installation was over the top of a mixture of PowerShell 4.0 and various versions of PowerShell 5.0 previews. Installation worked in all cases. … Continue reading

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