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CIM references and associations

Way back in 2011, when I were just a young lad, I wrote about WMI or CIM references and associations – ASSOCIATORS show the end point of the link between CIM classes and REFERENCES shows the linking class. I … Continue reading

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Change a function definition

Functions in PowerShell are based on scriptblocks and as I showed in my session at the recent PowerShell Summit its possible to change a function definition. Let’s start with a simple function: PS> function f1 { >>   $x = 1 … Continue reading

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Code reviews and Iron Scripter

Many organisations use code reviews to help ensure a quality outcome. At the recent PowerShell Summit we ran a scripting competition – Iron Scripter. I’ve had a thought on how code reviews and Iron Scripter have something in common. Something … Continue reading

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Positional parameters

Positional parameters allow you go use a function of cmdlet without specifying the parameter names. The values you supply are assigned to the correct parameters based on their position. If you look at the documentation for PowerShell you’ll see some … Continue reading

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PowerShell join

I looked at PowerShell split a few posts back. This time I’ll look at the opposite action – PowerShell join. Lets look at a simple string PS> $str = ‘PowerShell for Windows and Linux’ and split it PS> $strs = … Continue reading

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Iron Scripter 2108

Iron Scripter 2018 is the scripting competition we’re holding at the PowerShell Summit on 12 April 2018. The task for the main event is still under wraps but even if you can’t make the Summit you can benefit from the … Continue reading

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Windows server futures

A blog post – – has clarified Windows server futures. Going forward the Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) releases – Server 1803 is due very soon  – will concentrate on containers (applications and hosts) and fast innovation application scenarios. Releases will … Continue reading

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