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PowerShell version incompatibilities

There are incompatibilities between Powershell versions – you can’t use classes in Windows PowerShell v4 and there are differences between Windows PowerShell v5.1 and v6.x. One way to deal with PowerShell version incompatibilities is described in the recent post from … Continue reading

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File times

There are three pairs of file times that are available on files on Windows PS> Get-ChildItem -Path C:\test\Newoutdata01.txt | select *time* CreationTime      : 14/04/2019 17:28:41 CreationTimeUtc   : 14/04/2019 16:28:41 LastAccessTime    : 14/04/2019 17:28:41 LastAccessTimeUtc : 14/04/2019 16:28:41 LastWriteTime     : 25/02/2019 … Continue reading

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Get wireless networks

I saw a question on how to get wireless networks which got me thinking about string handling and working with legacy command line utilities. I also wanted to compare the options available in Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core. First up … Continue reading

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Brackets in file names

If you have brackets – [ or ] – in your file name you can see problems working with the file name. This is how to deal with brackets in file names. Consider the files: outdata01.txt out[data02.txt out]data03.txt out]d[ata04.txt which … Continue reading

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PowerShell 7

A recent post – – on the PowerShell team blog states that the next release of PowerShell Core won’t be 6.3 as expected but will be PowerShell 7 PowerShell 7 will be tied to .NET Core 3.0 and should … Continue reading

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Pro Microsoft Hyper-V 2019

I’ve always maintained that the most important thing about PowerShell is what you can do with it. This is brought out in my book – Pro Microsoft Hyper-V 2019 – . My co-author and I describe how to create … Continue reading

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PowerShell v6.2 contains a number of experimental features including PSCommandNotFoundSuggestion The idea of experimental features is to make the use of new features – especially those that may cause breaking changes optional.  Feedback can be obtainied and the experimental features … Continue reading

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