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Working on a script to compare two lists of computer names (plus some other stuff) I wasn’t happy with the performance I was getting from my first try.  I started to experiment but needed to measure the time the scripts … Continue reading

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PowerShell uses

Normally we think of using PowerShell to perform admin tasks – creating users in AD etc – using cmdlets or scripts.  I have found myself using it for other tasks – searching through dumps of ipconfig listsing to get IP … Continue reading

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One thing I didn’t really take much notice of was the difference is spelling between English english and US english.  I have read so many technology and science books (nearly all published in the USA) that I just accepted the differences.   … Continue reading

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Computer cmdlets

I was digging into some aspects of Exchange 2007 yesterday for Chapter 12 of my book (Chapter 11 is finished and will be on MEAP soon)  and needed to restart some of the VMs I was using.  I remembered the … Continue reading

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If you use PowerShell and SQL Server you should at the very least look at SQLPSX which is a big library of PowerShell functionality.  Version 1.5 has just been released.  See!EA42395138308430!315.entry for details   Technorati Tags: PowerShell,SQL Server

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Test folders

I needed some test folders in a hurry.  They didn’t have to have anything in them – just exist as a set of folders for me to work with. From the PowerShell prompt 1..20 | foreach {md "test$_"} How easy … Continue reading

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PowerShell User Group

Many thanks to Jonathan and Alan for their presentations on Thursday evening. Apologies for the technical difficulties – it wouldn’t be a UG meeting without them  🙂 Taking the online and physical meetings together we had a good turn out … Continue reading

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Active Directory Cookbook third edition

The original AD cookbook by Robbie Allen was published back in 2003. It has been one of my favourite, and most referenced, books.  When I used to use VBScript (shudder) it was indispensible and saved me vast amounts of time.  … Continue reading

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PowerShell v1.0 is available on Microsoft Update

Microsoft have added PowerShell v1.0 as an optional update that is available through the update mechanisms. PowerShell 1.0 through MU is only offered: As an optional update If you don’t have any other version of PowerShell installed (including V2 CTPs) … Continue reading

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Quest AD cmdlets

If you have followed this blog over any period of time you will know that I am a big fan of the Quest AD cmdlets.  The good news is that version 1.2 of the cmlets has gone RTM.  The bad … Continue reading

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