Windows container providers

Containers are a new feature in Windows 2016. I was preparing for my talk at the WinOps conference next week – – and realised I needed the container OS image for nano server

I discovered that there are 2 container image providers available through the PowerShell gallery.

In TP4 I used the ContainerProvider provider. That still exists BUT only supplies the TP4 images

PS>  ContainerProvider\Find-ContainerImage | ft -a

Name              Version      Source Description
—-              ——-      —— ———–
NanoServer        10.0.10586.0        Container OS Image of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4 : Nano Server Installation
WindowsServerCore 10.0.10586.0        Container OS Image of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview : Windows Server Core Installation

If you want the TP5 images you have to use the ContainerImage provider

PS>  ContainerImage\Find-ContainerImage | ft -a

Name              Version         Source                Summary
—-              ——-         ——                ——-
NanoServer        10.0.14300.1010 ContainerImageGallery Container OS Image of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 : Nano Server I…
WindowsServerCore 10.0.14300.1000 ContainerImageGallery Container OS Image of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 : Windows Serve…

This isn’t very satisfactory and will cause lots of confusion in the long term. I just hope we’re not getting a new provider with every new version of Windows 2016

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Cloud Native Applications

Cloud Native Applications is a collection of hand-picked chapters presenting five topics that will give you insights into the world of cloud computing.  The link is here:

This is excellent value – its FREE.

You’ll find chapters on:

Amazon Web Services






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PowerShell and Nano server

Nano server is the new install option introduced with Windows 2016. It has a really tiny footprint compared to a server core machine.

Of course it has PowerShell but its not a complete port of the PowerShell you’re used to. The features that aren’t present are detailed here:

What you get is PowerShell re-written for .NET core

If you want to develop your own cmdlets try this article to get you started:

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Loading assemblies

PowerShell is .NET based but doesn’t load all available .NET assemblies when it starts.

Many people still use something  like


to load additional assemblies.  This is a hang over from PowerShell v1 when there wasn’t another way to perform the load.

The LoadWithPartialName method has been deprecated – – and shouldn’t be used.

Your alternatives are:

Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms

or in PowerShell v5

using assembly System.Windows.Forms

using namespace System.Windows.Forms

can be used

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Free ebook: IoT

A free ebook from Manning: Using the Web to Build the IoT is a collection of six hand-picked chapters that introduce the key technologies and concepts for building the application layer of the IoT.  The page is here:

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WinOps conference

The WinOps conference is dedicated to ‘Windows in a DevOps World’  Its in London 24 May 2016. I’ll be speaking as will Jeffrey Snover and Ed Wilson of Microsoft.

More details from

Hope to see you there

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Windows Server 2016 TP5 Cumulative Update

An update – KB 3157663 – should be installed BEFORE installing any roles, features or applications into a TP5 system.

Finding the update isn’t easy – no links from the TP5 pages and doesn’t show in search on Bing or if search

You can find it here:

Lets hope RTM is a bit more organised

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