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Using $_

The $_ symbol seems to be causing confusion from some recent forum questions I’ve seen. $_ represents the current object on the pipeline – if you want to know why $_ was chosen you’ll have to read PowerShell in Action! … Continue reading

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More on Foreach

My post on foreach seems to haver generated a bit of confusion. I was trying to use the calculations as examples not a statement that you should do things that way – there were statements to that effect in the … Continue reading

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Is PowerShell just for administration?

Two related questions were left on my blog recently. Is PowerShell just for administration? Should I learn PowerShell, VBScript or cmd tools? PowerShell was introduced as Microsoft’s automation engine for the Windows platform. It includes a scripting language, a shell … Continue reading

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foreach confusion

One of the biggest sources of confusion to people learning PowerShell is foreach. Don’t worry – it is confusing. Having just read the help file about_foreach its doubly confusing. That help file desperately needs a re-write Foreach is used in … Continue reading

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New Year book offer

The New Year starts very nicely with POwerShell in Action, 3e being Mannings deal of the day for 3 January 2017 Half off my book Windows PowerShell in Action, Third Edition. Use code dotd010317au at Links should be directed … Continue reading

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