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CSV file with [] in headers

With the PowerShell Summit registration deadline rapidly approaching I wanted to see how registrations were going. I can down load a CSV file from the event website that lists attendees. Great. Just need to do some sorting and grouping and … Continue reading

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PowerShell Summit–Registration closing soon

Registration for the PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit will be closing in the next few days – We still have a few places left but you’ll have to hurry

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WMF 5.0 RTM has been republished

A post on the PowerShell Team blog – – reports that WMF 5.0 RTM has been republished. You’ll have to uninstall the original RTM package before installing the new one.

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Get-ADUser quirk

Came across an interesting quirk of the way Get-ADUser works. If you use the –Identity parameter and tell it to find a specific user PS> Get-ADUser -Identity dontexistGet-ADUser : Cannot find an object with identity: ‘dontexist’ under: ‘DC=Manticore,DC=org’.At line:1 char:1+ … Continue reading

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IP Default Gateways by cmdlet

Following my recent post on setting the default gateway by using the Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration CIM class here’s how you do it using the networking cmdlets Discover your adapters Get-NetAdapter Check the default gateway for an adapter Get-NetIPConfiguration -InterfaceIndex 12 | select … Continue reading

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Quick test for updates that aren’t installed

I want a quick test to determine if any of the updates I’d approved hadn’t been installed on all of the relevant machines. Get-WsusUpdate -Approval Approved | where InstalledOrNotApplicablePercentage -ne 100 Get the list of approved updates and filter on … Continue reading

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IP Default Gateways

When you configure the IP Address on a network adapter you also have to set the default gateway if you want the machine to communicate with machines on other subnets. One way you can do this is through the SetGateways … Continue reading

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PowerShell Conference EU 2016–things to look forward to

With 64 days to the European PowerShell conference (and less to the PowerShell Summit) I’m busy getting my sessions prepeared. At the European conference I’m presenting pre-conference workshops on DSC and CIM and then two sessions on managing the new … Continue reading

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PowerShell articles – – February 2016

I’ve had 2 articles published this week. The first one is on the Scripting Guy blog And looks at the WMI and CIM cmdlets showing why 99.99% you should be using the CIM cmdlets. The second article is on … Continue reading

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WMF 5.0 download latest news

According to the PowerShell Team blog –  The issue has been resolved and a WMF 5.0 RTM build should be available around the end of February

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