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Hamming Distance

Catching up on my reading I came across this post – which is a good explanation for why we should use command prefixes when creating cmdlets.  There is a reference to prefixes increasing the Hamming Distance of noun names. … Continue reading

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Date and Time

I recently came across a script that used date and time information in this manner 001002003004005006 $stuff =  "Stuff"$monthday = Get-Date -Format "ddMMM"$year = Get-Date -Format yyyy$time = Get-Date -Format "HH:mm:ss"$data = "$monthday" + "," + "$year" + "," + "$time" + "," + "$stuff"$data   This gives a result of 12Oct,2009,15:20:32,Stuff I didn’t like the way get-date was used three times – its messy .  In … Continue reading

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