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Why are Windows devices 2nd class citizens for Kindle apps?

One of the useful things about Amazon’s Kindle ecosystem is that you can buy ebooks formatted for Kindle from other vendors and email them into your personal documents library. They can then be sent to your Kindle device or app. … Continue reading

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Exercise in frustration

If you would like an exercise in frustration – try installing the RSAT tools for Windows 2012 onto Windows 8. If your PS’s language is set to en-US it should work.  If it is anything else give up now and … Continue reading

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Rant: Wireless connectivity at airports

I’ve been on two international trips this year – one to San Diego & one to Vienna flying out of London Heathrow and London Gatwick respectively. Both San Diego and Vienna supply free wireless connectivity that works. Heathrow and Gatwick … Continue reading

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Minor rant

Why do software suppliers – Adobe with Acrobat Reader & Oracle with Java are the worst culprits – insist on trying to install their browser toolbar & change my default search engine?? What’s worse is that they make the default … Continue reading

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Comments Disabled

I found twenty comments this morning – all adverts for things I don’t want – plastered over recent posts.  I don’t want to spend my time cleaning off inappropriate material from my blog so I have suspended comments on posts … Continue reading

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Hotel Internet Connections

Why are hotel internet connections so bad.  They are notoriously overpriced and then they don’t work properly. You can connect to a site – log off – have dinner – come back – connect to the same site and the … Continue reading

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For want of a cable

Had to buy a new printer this weekend.  Found a very good deal on a combined printer, copier, scanner – ideal for what I need for home use. Couldn’t believe there wasn’t a USB cable in the box.  Come on … Continue reading

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