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NTFSsecurity module

Just came across the NTFSsecurity module. Its available on the PowerShell gallery or from The *-Acl cmdlets have been around since Windows PowerShell v1 but aren’t easy to use and don’t cover all our needs. This module contains a … Continue reading

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Constrained PowerShell or JEA?

PowerShell remoting gives you access to all of the functionality on the box by default. You can created constrained (or restricted) endpoints that limit that functionality to specific cmdlets. Alternatively you can use Just Enough Admin (JEA) to lock down … Continue reading

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PowerShell Attacks–advice on defending

PowerShell Attacks–advice on defending from Lee Holmes – PowerShell security expert – is available at Read, learn, inwardly digest and apply

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Generating passwords

Generating new passwords can be a painful business. There are many ways of accomplishing password generation – depending on your needs.  One suggestion for generating passwords is to use a GUID as the basis of the password PS> New-Guid Guid … Continue reading

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How many domain admins do you need?

I was working on a book chapter this afternoon and  something I was reading made me  stop and think for a moment. How many people are members of your domain admins group – or even worse the enterprise admins or … Continue reading

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