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Putting on the style

PowerShell is all about getting things done but how you do things can be as important as what you do. I’ll explain what I mean so you be able to be putting on the style. While PowerShell is used by … Continue reading

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Dynamic parameters

PowerShell has always been an extensible language meaning that you can add things on, change things and even remove things if required. One way that this extensibility surfaces is dynamic parameters. A dynamic parameter is a parameter that is available … Continue reading

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Documentation can be wrong!

We rely on vendor documentation to help us solve problems. Documentation is produced by people and people make mistakes so Documentation can be wrong! As an example: The CIM class Win32_OperatingSystem has a Description property. According to the documentation the … Continue reading

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PowerShell sleep

PowerShell use tends to be very interactive. You run a command at the console and get some results. You run a script and get some results. How do you make PowerShell sleep? There’s a few ways you can make PowerShell … Continue reading

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PowerShell –f string

A PowerShell –f string is used to format the data inside a string. –f is usually referred to as the format operator. The operation of the format operator is best explained by examples. At its simplest you create fields in … Continue reading

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DSC update

The PowerShell team have posted an update on what’s happening with DSC. The interesting thing is the decoupling of the Local Configuration Manager from Windows. A new LCM that can use resources written in multiple languages sounds good – … Continue reading

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Iron Scripter prequels

One of the new things for Summit 2018 is the iron Scripter competition on the last afternoon. As a warm up for the competition we’re running a number of Iron Scripter prequels. A puzzle will be published every week – … Continue reading

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