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Using $_

The $_ symbol seems to be causing confusion from some recent forum questions I’ve seen. $_ represents the current object on the pipeline – if you want to know why $_ was chosen you’ll have to read PowerShell in Action! … Continue reading

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More on Foreach

My post on foreach seems to haver generated a bit of confusion. I was trying to use the calculations as examples not a statement that you should do things that way – there were statements to that effect in the … Continue reading

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Is PowerShell just for administration?

Two related questions were left on my blog recently. Is PowerShell just for administration? Should I learn PowerShell, VBScript or cmd tools? PowerShell was introduced as Microsoft’s automation engine for the Windows platform. It includes a scripting language, a shell … Continue reading

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foreach confusion

One of the biggest sources of confusion to people learning PowerShell is foreach. Don’t worry – it is confusing. Having just read the help file about_foreach its doubly confusing. That help file desperately needs a re-write Foreach is used in … Continue reading

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New Year book offer

The New Year starts very nicely with POwerShell in Action, 3e being Mannings deal of the day for 3 January 2017 Half off my book Windows PowerShell in Action, Third Edition. Use code dotd010317au at Links should be directed … Continue reading

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PowerShell in 2017

As 2016 winds down what do we have to look forward to from PowerShell? In January WMF 5.1 should become available for down level clients. This brings PowerShell 5.1 to Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, 2008 R2 SP1, 2012, 2012 R2 … Continue reading

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2016–a PowerShell perspective

2016 was important as the 10th anniversary of PowerShell being released as a web download – announced November 2006 at TechEd/IT Forum in Barcelona. The PowerShell team organised a 8 hour web cast on Channel 9 that I was privileged … Continue reading

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