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.NET has two main namespaces for accessing Active Directory.  System.DirectoryServices is a .NET wrapper for ADSI.  It contains two main .NET classes of interest – System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry whichis more directly accessible using the [ADSI] accelarator.  We use this for the manipulation … Continue reading

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Microsoft Script Center

Keep an eye on the Script Center next week there should be a PowerShell Guide for beginners and a downloadable (and cmdlet accessible) graphical help for PowerShell become available   Script Center is here   PowerShell section is here … Continue reading

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MCITP certfications

Heard on a web cast today that the new generation of Microsoft certifications will have a limited life.   Technology Specialist (MCTS) will expire when a new version of the technology is released.  The exam will remain on the transcript … Continue reading

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Community Day

The 21 June UK User Group Community Day at Microsoft UK offices in Reading is rapdily filling up.  If you want to attend I would advise booking soon.  The day will include presentations from the PowerShell, Exchange, Groove and Sharepoint … Continue reading

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Came across an interesting free new addition to the PowerShell toolset on the PowerShell newsgroup   PowerPad is an editor come scratch pad for interactive PowerShell development.  One of the great strengths of PowerShell is the ability to test … Continue reading

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Using Interop Assemblies

PowerShell is able to work directly with COM objects by using the New-Object cmdlet. If we wanted to work with Word for instance we could use the following to open Word with a new document ready to accept input. $word … Continue reading

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PowerShell: The Flexibility

After using PowerShell for a while you realise that there are many ways of performing the same task. If you search the Internet for examples for performing a task in PowerShell you will be likely to find several, in some … Continue reading

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