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Learning Powershell

One comment that was made to me a few times at DEC was that PowerShell had a very steep learning curve. As it is so radically different in syntax to batch files and VBScript a lot of people had looked … Continue reading

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.NET enhancements

The next version of Visual Studio code name Orcas includes a new version of .NET framework.  One namespace that may be useful for PowerShell users working with AD is the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement namespace.  There is an example of C# code using … Continue reading

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Windows Longhorn

Windows Longhorn Server Beta 3 is available for download from TechNet, MSDN etc.  Among other interesting features it is the first Windows Operating System to ship with PowerShell on tht disk.  At the moment its an optional install rather being … Continue reading

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Directory Experts Conference

Home frm DEC now  –  10 hours on a plane is not my idea of fun.   DEC is a very interesting conference.  Much smaller in terms of numbers compared to something like TechEd but the technical level is higher. … Continue reading

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Active Directory Provider

I use the AD provider from PowerShell Commnity Extensions in my demo yesterday. It got the "WOW" reaction I was expecting.  Being able to do a dir through AD is pretty cool.   I have been thinking a lot about … Continue reading

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PowerShell at DEC

The talk is done.  Many thanks to everyone who has been so supportive over this presentation.   As usual when I present something goes wrong.  This time it was the sound system!  For the first 5-10 minutes there was an intermittent … Continue reading

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New PowerGUI version

I’ve mentioned PowerGUI a couple of times.  Its the GUI frontend that yu can se to run PowerShell scripts.  I was talking to the developer – Dmitry  – and was told that a new version has just been released.  I … Continue reading

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