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To install or not

My recent posts about the NTFSsecurity module drew a comment that the cmdlets in the module couldn’t be used because they’re not installed on every server. This raises the question  – to install or not. Windows systems have a huge … Continue reading

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Start-Sleep change

Start-Sleep change in PowerShell v6.2 preview 4 Start-Sleep has had this syntax Start-Sleep [-Seconds] <int> [<CommonParameters>] Start-Sleep -Milliseconds <int> [<CommonParameters>] since it was first introduced in PowerShell v1 (I think). You can define the period as a number of seconds … Continue reading

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Get-NTFSAcess and Get-NTFSEffectiveAccess are two cmdlets from the NTFSsecurity module. Get-NTFSAcess retrieves the access rights on a folder or file. You can immediately who has what rights and from where the rights are inherited. Get-NTFSEffectiveAccess by contrast shows the rights … Continue reading

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The Get-DiskSpace cmdlet from the NTFSsecurity module is useful in that it gives ready calculated percentages of free and used space: AvailableFreeSpacePercent  : 56.73% AvailableFreeSpaceUnitSize : 270.11 GB ClusterSize                : 4096 DriveName                  : \\?\Volume{c1c4c5bb-0000-0000-0000-f01500000000}\ TotalSizeUnitSize          : 476.1 GB UsedSpacePercent           : … Continue reading

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PowerShell Admin Modules

My PowerShell Admin Modules that used to be available through codeplex are now available on github – I haven’t updated them since their original publication but they’re still valid Enjoy

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Long file paths

Long file paths – greater than 260 characters – have been a pain to deal with in Windows. There is an argument that you should avoid file paths of that length but sometimes you don’t have any choice – when … Continue reading

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PowerShell v6.2.0 preview 4

PowerShell v6.2.0 preview 4 is now available from After installation over the top of preview 3 I found that the PowerShell console would open and then immediately close when I tried to use it.  This is a known issue … Continue reading

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NTFSsecurity module

Just came across the NTFSsecurity module. Its available on the PowerShell gallery or from The *-Acl cmdlets have been around since Windows PowerShell v1 but aren’t easy to use and don’t cover all our needs. This module contains a … Continue reading

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PowerShell v6.1.2

PowerShell v6.1.2 was recently released – There doesn’t seem to be any new functionality or breaking changes. Most of the changes seem to be internal to the project. The issue with PowerShell not starting after installation over the top … Continue reading

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Windows sandbox

The recent Windows 10 Insider builds (18305) have introduced a Windows sandbox feature. This is a new light weight desktop environment for testing software. A new sandbox is created every time you need one and EVERYTHING in the sandbox is … Continue reading

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