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To install or not

My recent posts about the NTFSsecurity module drew a comment that the cmdlets in the module couldn’t be used because they’re not installed on every server. This raises the question  – to install or not. Windows systems have a huge … Continue reading

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Start-Sleep change

Start-Sleep change in PowerShell v6.2 preview 4 Start-Sleep has had this syntax Start-Sleep [-Seconds] <int> [<CommonParameters>] Start-Sleep -Milliseconds <int> [<CommonParameters>] since it was first introduced in PowerShell v1 (I think). You can define the period as a number of seconds … Continue reading

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Get-NTFSAcess and Get-NTFSEffectiveAccess are two cmdlets from the NTFSsecurity module. Get-NTFSAcess retrieves the access rights on a folder or file. You can immediately who has what rights and from where the rights are inherited. Get-NTFSEffectiveAccess by contrast shows the rights … Continue reading

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The Get-DiskSpace cmdlet from the NTFSsecurity module is useful in that it gives ready calculated percentages of free and used space: AvailableFreeSpacePercent  : 56.73% AvailableFreeSpaceUnitSize : 270.11 GB ClusterSize                : 4096 DriveName                  : \\?\Volume{c1c4c5bb-0000-0000-0000-f01500000000}\ TotalSizeUnitSize          : 476.1 GB UsedSpacePercent           : … Continue reading

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PowerShell Admin Modules

My PowerShell Admin Modules that used to be available through codeplex are now available on github – I haven’t updated them since their original publication but they’re still valid Enjoy

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Long file paths

Long file paths – greater than 260 characters – have been a pain to deal with in Windows. There is an argument that you should avoid file paths of that length but sometimes you don’t have any choice – when … Continue reading

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PowerShell v6.2.0 preview 4

PowerShell v6.2.0 preview 4 is now available from After installation over the top of preview 3 I found that the PowerShell console would open and then immediately close when I tried to use it.  This is a known issue … Continue reading

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