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Windows sandbox

The recent Windows 10 Insider builds (18305) have introduced a Windows sandbox feature. This is a new light weight desktop environment for testing software. A new sandbox is created every time you need one and EVERYTHING in the sandbox is … Continue reading

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More PowerShell v6 thoughts

My last post  – about PowerShell v6 – brought some interesting comments. Here’s some more PowerShell v6 thoughts generated by those comments. Comment Quote 1 “What’s the incentive to upgrade on Windows from 5.1 to 6.x? My understanding is that … Continue reading

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PowerShell dashboard

The PowerShell dashboard shows some interesting data: Linux is by far the dominant platform for PowerShell v6 usage – about 4 times as much usage on Linux as Windows for December 2018!  Does this mean that PowerShell is destined … Continue reading

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