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PowerShell Trim

PowerShell Trim – no its not a new slimming fad. Trimming is the act of removing characters – usually white space – from the beginning or end of a string. You have three methods on the String class you can … Continue reading

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PowerShell editors

PowerShell works great when you use it interactive;y but at some point you’re likely to want to write substantial pieces of code – scripts or functions – for which you’ll need an editor. This is my take on PowerShell editors. … Continue reading

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Call for topics closing 1 October

The call for topics is closing 1 October at 23:59 GMT. We’ve had a fantastic set of submissions. Creating an agenda for the 2018 Summit is going to be very difficult because we’ve had so many fantastic sessions submitted and … Continue reading

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DSC–the future?

I was incredibly excited when I first saw DSC – it was in April 2013 as a special MVP only preview at the first PowerShell Summit – as a work in progress. Since that time my excitement has waned to … Continue reading

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PowerShell comments

Putting comments into your code has been a long established practice – this is how you do PowerShell comments A single line comment is indicated by the # symbol # This is a comment Get-Process You can put a comment … Continue reading

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Continuous updates expansion

Microsoft has announced a continuous updates expansion at Ignite Windows 10 was always going to be continually updated rather than new versions introduced. This year Windows Server 2016 joined the party when it was announced that there would be twice … Continue reading

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Splitting multiline string

Saw an interesting question on splitting multiline string If you get a set of strings item1 item2 item3 emailed to you then you could put them in a text file and use Get-Content to read them into an array. The … Continue reading

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PowerShell books DoD

A number of my PowerShell books including PowerShell in Action and PowerShell in Depth will be part of Manning’s Deal of the Day on 29 September 2017 Use code dotd092917au at For DoD details see

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Examples of replacing WMI cmdlet with CIM cmdlet

Following my last post I was asked about these Examples of replacing WMI cmdlet with CIM cmdlet. Example 1 gwmi win32_operatingsystem -computername $Computer -credential $creds, $cs = New-CimSession -Credential $creds -ComputerName $computer Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_operatingsystem -CimSession $cs Example 2 get-wmiobject … Continue reading

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I still see a lot of people using the WMI cmdlets – Get-WmiObject etc. You really should be using CIM nit WMI. In other words use Get-CimInstance rather than get-WmiObject etc etc. Why do I say that? Two main reasons. … Continue reading

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