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PowerShell and IIS 7

If you were at IT Forum in Barcelona in November 2006 you will remember the key note speech in which some PowerShell cmdlets were demonstrated administering IIS 7.  Really good demo.  Sadly it doesn’t look like the cmdlets are going … Continue reading

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Microsoft Download beta

Be aware that Microsoft have a new download routine in beta.  It is based on Silverlight looks better than the current flat download pages.  At the moment it you are given the choice of using the beta or the current … Continue reading

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PowerShell Group Policy

I came across a reference to an administrative template for PowerShell.  It allows the control of PowerShell execution policy via GPO.  Very useful in the enterprise!!! Technorati Tags: PowerShell

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Scripting Games 2008

The Winter Solstice has been and gone.  Its nearly New Year and the days are beginning to get longer (just).  It can only mean one thing – the 2008 Scripting Games are on the way. Details from here Technorati … Continue reading

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PowerShell V2 and /n software NetCmdlets

The /n software NetCmdlets install quite happily on the PowerShell V2 CTP and seem to run just fine. One slight issue is the /n software NetCmdlets and the PowerShell Community Extensions both contain a cmdlet named Write-Zip.  PowerShell tab expansion … Continue reading

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More Free Books

Baen have added three more books to their free library. The books are: Crown of Slaves by David Weber and Eric Flint Emerald Sea by John Ringo Genellan: Planetfall by Scott Gier The first two are really good.  I haven’t … Continue reading

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What will happen in 2008

If you want a thought provoking read – try this There is some interesting things happening in this list.  If its any way near accurate – next year will be busy & fun.   Technorati Tags: Microsoft, 2008

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