Time for cube calculation

My recent post on spheres got me wondering about the time for cube calculation.

Defining a variable

PS> $r = 2.37

I can calculate the cube by multiplying $r by itself 3 times or by using the Power function on the Math class.

Starting with the simple calculation

PS> Measure-Command -Expression {$r * $r * $r}

PowerShell v7 RC2 took 18 milliseconds; PowerShell v6.2.4 took 9 milliseconds and Windows PowerShell 8 milliseconds

Using the math function

PS> Measure-Command -Expression {[math]::Pow($r, 3)}

PowerShell v7 RC 2 took 24 milliseconds; PowerShell v6.2.4 took 18 milliseconds and Windows PowerShell took 14 milliseconds.

PowerShell v7 took longer because its a release candidate rather than release code so has extra stuff to do – as technical as I want to get on that one.

PowerShell v6.2.4 and Windows PowerShell are comparable.

The interesting part is that the messy multiplication is faster than using the Math function – something to remember if speed of calculation becomes an issue in future code.

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