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Server Core Module

On a Windows Server 2012 system you will find a ServerCore module with two cmdlets Get-DisplayResolutionSet-DisplayResolution On a full GUI system the cmdlets work PS> Get-DisplayResolution1366×7681280×1024   And thats it!  Not a lot but it shows the basic information You … Continue reading

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Third Age of PowerShell

We’re now firmly in the Third Age of PowerShell. The First Age covered the betas and PowerShell 1.0 PowerShell was adopted by developers and admins (with a scripting background) that saw the need for better automation tools and went looking … Continue reading

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Travelling devices

Disclaimer: The following is based on my personal experiences and needs that may well not match yours. Feel free to disagree with my conclusions. I offer my insights to help others decide on the devices that suit them.   I’ve … Continue reading

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Filtering AD searches

Interesting question came up regarding how you define a Filter when you are searching for particular users. With the Microsoft cmdlets you can define a filter or an ldapfilter. In these examples we’re looking for users that don’t have email … Continue reading

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Setting an IP address

I need to add an IP address to an adapter.  I could use the GUI or WMI but with Windows 8/2012 and above I’ve got all of the nifty networking cmdlets to play with. Lets start with finding the adapter … Continue reading

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Protecting your csv files

I’m using csv files for this example but it applies to other types of file as well. Let’s produce a csv file:Get-ChildItem -Path C:\Users\Richard\Documents -File | select FullName, Length, LastWriteTime | Export-Csv files.csv This gives a small, useful set of … Continue reading

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It’s the little things

I’ve been spending some quality time with PowerShell 2.0 recently. When it was all we had it was great but there’s a bunch of things I miss from PowerShell 3.0 including: CIM cmdlets CIM sessions Workflows Module auto loading Improved … Continue reading

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DNS zone types

I was looking at the DNS zones for a project I’m working on. I needed to discover the conditional forwarder zone and hence the IP address of the DNS server to which the forwarding was occurring. The zone I wanted … Continue reading

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AD Management MEAP–chapter 17

My Learn AD Management in a Month of Lunches is moving on apace with the release of chapter 17 to the Early Access Process. This one covers AD replication Enjoy

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International Module

The International module has an interesting set of cmdlets:£> Get-Command -Module International | select Name Name—-Get-WinAcceptLanguageFromLanguageListOptOutGet-WinCultureFromLanguageListOptOutGet-WinDefaultInputMethodOverrideGet-WinHomeLocationGet-WinLanguageBarOptionGet-WinSystemLocaleGet-WinUILanguageOverrideGet-WinUserLanguageListNew-WinUserLanguageListSet-CultureSet-WinAcceptLanguageFromLanguageListOptOutSet-WinCultureFromLanguageListOptOutSet-WinDefaultInputMethodOverrideSet-WinHomeLocationSet-WinLanguageBarOptionSet-WinSystemLocaleSet-WinUILanguageOverrideSet-WinUserLanguageList £> Get-WinHomeLocation | fl * GeoId        : 242HomeLocation : United Kingdom £> Get-WinSystemLocale | fl * Parent                         : enLCID                           : 2057KeyboardLayoutId               : 2057Name                           : … Continue reading

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