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Resolve-Path is a cmdlet I haven’t used much – if at all – so I thought I should have a look at it. At an arbitrary point in the file system: PS> Get-Location Path —- C:\Scripts\Modules\Coordinates .. Indicates the next … Continue reading

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Ad hoc development

I was having a discussion about how people can learn PowerShell at the recent UK PowerShell day and mentioned ad hoc development. Surprisingly, no-one really knew what I meant. Ad hoc development is a concept more than a development type. … Continue reading

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Pipeline Chain operators

Another experimental feature from PowerShell v7 preview 5 brings pipeline chain operators to PowerShell. PS> Get-ExperimentalFeature -Name PSPipelineChainOperators | Format-List Name, Description Name        : PSPipelineChainOperators Description : Allow use of && and || as operators between pipeline invocations The operators … Continue reading

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One of the experimental features new PowerShell v7 preview 5 is the Get-Error cmdlet. The features description states: Enable Get-Error cmdlet that displays detailed information about ErrorRecords included nested objects Enable the feature: PS> Enable-ExperimentalFeature -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility.PSGetError WARNING: Enabling and … Continue reading

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Returning cmdlets

If I’m interpreting the email updates coming from the PowerShell project the next code release of PowerShell v7 should see the following returning cmdlets: Get-Counter Update-List Clear-RecycleBin Out-Printer All but Update-List are Windows only as far as I can ell

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Error view

Error view is another experimental feature introduced with PowerShell v7 preveiw 5. The experimental feature needs to be enabled  and PowerShell restarted. PS> Enable-ExperimentalFeature -Name PSErrorView WARNING: Enabling and disabling experimental features do not take effect until next start of … Continue reading

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In PowerShell v7 preview Test-Connection sees some improvements: PS> Test-Connection -TargetName | Format-List Source      : W510W10 Destination : Replies     : {System.Net.NetworkInformation.PingReply, System.Net.NetworkInformation.PingReply,               System.Net.NetworkInformation.PingReply, System.Net.NetworkInformation.PingReply} The progress bar has been removed as has the unrequired text displayed with each … Continue reading

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