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Getting mailbox data and stats per database

Way back in the day – – I showed how to list mailboxes by the database in which they were stored.  I had a comment left asking if its possible to list only a specific mailbox and to give … Continue reading

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New-mailbox oddity

I’ve been doing a lot with Exchange recently and found an interesting quirk. If you use the New-mailbox cmdlet with the –PrimarySMTPaddress parameter the mailbox doesn’t get email address policies applied. You need to use set-mailbox to turn policy application … Continue reading

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Sharing Outlook Calendars

Why is the sharing of calendars in Outlook 2007 so difficult.  Sending emails to people to share calendars is a very poor and convoluted way of doing it. I don’t remember it being that difficult in the past Technorati Tags: … Continue reading

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Exchange and Windows 2008

The Exchange Team have produced a post regarding the installation of Exchange on Windows Server 2008  There a number of implications that need to be thought through and I would advise all Exchange administrators to read the post at … Continue reading

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