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Multiple expands

PowerShell outputs objects but sometimes you need just the values. The –Expandproperty parameter of select-object can pull the values from a property.  Compare: £> Get-VM | select Name Name—-AristaSphinxLx01W12R2DSCW12R2OD01W12R2SCDC01W12R2SUSW12R2TGTW12R2Web01W12R2Web02 with £> Get-VM | select -ExpandProperty NameAristaSphinxLx01W12R2DSCW12R2OD01W12R2SCDC01W12R2SUSW12R2TGTW12R2Web01W12R2Web02 In the first you … Continue reading

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Finding users that can change their password

Way back in this post I showed how to discover those users who can’t change their passwords. I was recently asked how to find those users that can change their password. Active Directory doesn’t store this information directly but … Continue reading

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IPAM: 2 Reading data

Once you have your IPAM server configured you can start to read the data its collected. If you are working against a remote IPAM server than you need to create a CIM session to that machine before doing anything else. … Continue reading

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Copy files over PS remoting sessions

One neat feature of the April 2015 WMF 5.0 preview is that you can copy files over a remoting session. First create a session to a remote machine $cs = New-PSSession -ComputerName W12R2SUS   Define the source and destination for … Continue reading

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PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 – – sold out

The PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 is sold out.  Please be aware that we don’t maintain a waiting list as the Summit is a benefit of  PowerShell Association membership

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IPAM: 1 Installation and configuration

IPAM stands for IP Address Management. It’s a feature in Windows Server 2012 R2 that enables you manage your DHCP and DNS servers as a whole rather than at the individual service or server level. Installation of IPAM follows the … Continue reading

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PowerShell Summit Europe 2015–nearly sold out

There are a handful of places left for the PowerShell Summit Europe 2015. If you want to secure a place I recommend that you book very soon as we can’t extend capacity any further.

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