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Multiple expands

PowerShell outputs objects but sometimes you need just the values. The –Expandproperty parameter of select-object can pull the values from a property.  Compare: £> Get-VM | select Name Name—-AristaSphinxLx01W12R2DSCW12R2OD01W12R2SCDC01W12R2SUSW12R2TGTW12R2Web01W12R2Web02 with £> Get-VM | select -ExpandProperty NameAristaSphinxLx01W12R2DSCW12R2OD01W12R2SCDC01W12R2SUSW12R2TGTW12R2Web01W12R2Web02 In the first you … Continue reading

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Finding users that can change their password

Way back in this post I showed how to discover those users who can’t change their passwords. I was recently asked how to find those users that can change their password. Active Directory doesn’t store this information directly but … Continue reading

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IPAM: 2 Reading data

Once you have your IPAM server configured you can start to read the data its collected. If you are working against a remote IPAM server than you need to create a CIM session to that machine before doing anything else. … Continue reading

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Copy files over PS remoting sessions

One neat feature of the April 2015 WMF 5.0 preview is that you can copy files over a remoting session. First create a session to a remote machine $cs = New-PSSession -ComputerName W12R2SUS   Define the source and destination for … Continue reading

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PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 – – sold out

The PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 is sold out.  Please be aware that we don’t maintain a waiting list as the Summit is a benefit of  PowerShell Association membership

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IPAM: 1 Installation and configuration

IPAM stands for IP Address Management. It’s a feature in Windows Server 2012 R2 that enables you manage your DHCP and DNS servers as a whole rather than at the individual service or server level. Installation of IPAM follows the … Continue reading

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PowerShell Summit Europe 2015–nearly sold out

There are a handful of places left for the PowerShell Summit Europe 2015. If you want to secure a place I recommend that you book very soon as we can’t extend capacity any further.

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Playing with the range operator

The range operator allows you to reference a range of numbers 1..10 is equivalent to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 If you want anything other than numbers you’re stuck as the range operator only works with integers though you can have a decrementing list … Continue reading

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PowerShell DSC for Linux

PowerShell DSC for Linux has moved out of CTP and v1 is available for download from You will find more details at You will need to download OMI version 1.0.8-1 which is available from OMI has to … Continue reading

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WMF 5.0 April 2015 preview – – software inventory logging

A software inventory module is now included with the April 2015 WMF 5.0 preview £> Get-Command -Module SoftwareInventoryLogging | select Name Name—-Get-SilComputerGet-SilComputerIdentityGet-SilDataGet-SilLoggingGet-SilSoftwareGet-SilUalAccessGet-SilWindowsUpdatePublish-SilDataSet-SilLoggingStart-SilLoggingStop-SilLogging Windows updates are always a good place to start poking into your systems £> Get-Command Get-SilWindowsUpdate -Syntax Get-SilWindowsUpdate … Continue reading

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