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Two things PowerShell can’t do

Two things PowerShell can’t do for me:   1)  There isn’t a Make-Tea cmdlet.   2)  More importantly it can’t control the weather.  I am heading off to Derbyshire with my son and some of his friends so they can do … Continue reading

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Webcast: Active Directory Management

There will be a web cast on  12 July on Active Directory Management made easy with PowerShell presented by Dmitry Sotnikov and Bob Bobel of Quest.  Full details from here   This should be a good session looking at … Continue reading

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Good service

I was supposed to be sitting the 70-443 SQL Server 2005 Designing a Databsae Server Infrastructure exam today.  Arrived at the test centre to be told there was no one available to invigilate the exam.  As it was less than 24 … Continue reading

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Resolve-Alias fix

Noticed a slight problem with the handling of % that is resolved in this version.  Also discovered that should wrap the string that is being input to resolve-alias in SINGLE QUOTES due to PowerShell’s ability to resolve strings that in … Continue reading

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Having recently had a bit of a rant about aliases I realised I would have to produce the script I mentioned. I have produced a prototype script.  The idea behind the script is that it will take a string containing … Continue reading

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Free Books

I am an avid reader of science fiction and have been for many years. I recently came across the Free Library at Baen Books   They have a lot of titles available in various electronic formats including books by David … Continue reading

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Get-Service is a very good tool for investigating the services on the local machine.  As the current version of PowerShell does not support remoting (please, please, please for version 2) it can only work with the local machine.  In addition … Continue reading

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The Over Use of Aliases?

PowerShell has designed to be used as both a scripting language and an interactive command line tool.  This is excellent planning and the fact that you can work interactively in this way makes developing and testing scripts a whole lot … Continue reading

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User Accounts

The WMI Win32_UserAccount class is very useful for investigating the accounts availabel on a Windows machine.  The basic usage gives  a list of the users and some basic information e.g.   Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_UserAccount AccountType : 512Caption     : HOME04GuestDomain      : … Continue reading

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WMI Code Creator

PowerShell is a great tool for working with WMI – in fact PowerShell is just great.  To use WMI with PowerShell you need to know whats availabel and that then becomes a bit of a chicken and egg situation.   … Continue reading

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