PowerShell certifications revisited

Years ago (seems like decades so much has happened) I published my view on PowerShell certification:


A recent comment on the post asked if I still felt the same way.

Its not a topic I’d thought about all that much to be honest but having reflected on the matter I still believe what I wrote back in 2008 – the world doesn’t need a PowerShell certification.

I’ve stated it many times and will keep stating it – PowerShell isn’t important. Its what you can do with it that matters.

Very few people are employed as full time creators of PowerShell code –even today. They are  employed as administrators of X (and often Y, Z, A and B etc etc). PowerShell provides a tool to administer most of things in your Windows environment (and quite a few non-Windows items as well). Having a certification in the PowerShell language won’t help you administer Windows, Active directory, Exchange, SQL Server, VMware or network switches. You need to know what you’re doing before you can automate it!!!

At recent PowerShell Summits we’ve run a VERIFIED EFFECTIVE exam. The pass rates have been abysmal – and that’s for people who attended a pre-conference workshop on the topic! See:


We won’t be offering the exam at the next Summit – the results don’t measure up to the effort put into it.

The world isn’t really ready for a PowerShell certification and I suspect that it never will be.

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One Response to PowerShell certifications revisited

  1. allenboyles says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write this up, it does make a lot of sense, and it really seems like powershell knowledge would be hard to test. At least every time I go to write a script I have to hit google at least a few times. I’d do awful on a closed book test!

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