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PowerShell Summit NA 2015

We will be getting extra capacity for the PowerShell Summit NA 2015 in Charlotte. The extra places should become available 11 January 2015 – see for details.  Please check the site for further news

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PowerShell review of 2014

See my review of 2014 from a PowerShell perspective on the Scripting Guy blog –

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More on dates

My recent post on date conversions seems to have generated a fair bit of confusion and discussion. The original task was to read in a string from a CSV file that contained a date in UK format – DD/MM/YYYY and … Continue reading

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ANR and AD searches

A comment on this post – suggested using ANR – Ambiguous Name Resolution as a method of searching AD. ANR provides a fuzzy search mechanism for AD – think wildcard search. If you perform an ANR search you’ll get … Continue reading

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Using GivenName and Surname instead of samAccountName

A recent comment on this post – – asked about using the given name and surname rather than the samAccountName in Get-ADUser. Get-ADUser has 4 options when using the –Identity parameter: Account name = samAccountNmae Distinguished Name GUID Security … Continue reading

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Date conversions

Saw a question regarding the conversion of dates in UK format DD/MM/YYYY to US format MM/DD/YYYY Using 25 December 2014 as an example If you have a dat in US format you can do this £> $sd = ’12/25/2014′£> $d … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from the PowerShell team

The PowerShell team have produced wave 9 of the DSc resource kit – just in time for Christmas – This wave contains a number of new resources and some updates to existing resources including the Exchange resource. You can … Continue reading

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