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Scanning event logs

My post on scanning event logs on multiple machines using a workflow went live on the Scripting Guy blog yesterday –

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Computer Report III: Eventlog service

The batch file has a separate report for event log service status wmic service where name=”EventLog” get Name, SystemName, StartMode, Status PowerShell translation Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Service -Filter “Name=’Eventlog’” | Select Name, SystemName, StartMode, Status   This becomes a very simple … Continue reading

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Watching the file system

I picked up a question in the ITKE forums about a script to watch the file system   001002003004005006007008009010011012013014015016 function eventhandler {param ($e) Write-Host “File: $($e.SourceEventArgs.FullPath) has arrived”} $folder = “C:\test”$filter = “*”$fsw = New-Object -TypeName System.IO.FileSystemWatcher `-ArgumentList $folder, $filter$fsw.IncludeSubDirectories = $true $action = {eventhandler $($event)} Register-ObjectEvent -InputObject $fsw -EventName “Created” ` -SourceIdentifier “File System Creation” -Action $action   The event handler function accepts the event as a parameter and … Continue reading

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TechNet events autumn 2007

Microsoft UK put on a regular set of TechNet events during the autumn and into early summer.  This year things are changing slightly and you get the chance to vote for the talks you want to see.  For your chance … Continue reading

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Community Day

The 21 June UK User Group Community Day at Microsoft UK offices in Reading is rapdily filling up.  If you want to attend I would advise booking soon.  The day will include presentations from the PowerShell, Exchange, Groove and Sharepoint … Continue reading

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DEC 2007

Heard late yesterday that my proposal for a presentation at Directory Experts Conference in April 2007 has been accepted.  WOW.   I am going to talk about administering AD with PowerShell.  Should be an experience.   More later

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TechEd Review

So back home after TechEd.    TechEd was a very interesting experience this year.  The technical content was very good.  Exchange 2007, Office 2007 and Vista domainated as you expect.  PowerShell was mentioned lots of times – even featuring in … Continue reading

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TechEd Wednesday

Things are picking up.   Looks like theres going to be a UK Powershell user group.  I’ll be starting the set up operation when I get home.   Windows longhorn has lots of superb features: read only DCs server core … Continue reading

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Teched sessions

Powershell has gone RTM.  There are a number of companies building support for it into their products.   Autodiscovery between Outlook 2007 & Exchange 2007 is awesome – should cut down on the help desk calls   Longhorn server will … Continue reading

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TechEd Tuesday AM

The Exchange 2007 pre-conference lab was excellent – lots of good things – even got to use powershell with Exchange.   Masses of stuff scheduled for Vista, Office and Exchange   Longhorn server events look interesting.   Looks like SMS … Continue reading

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