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PowerShell web cast by Don Jones

Combining Output from Multiple Sources Webcast: Combining Output from Multiple Sources REGISTER NOW July 6, 2011, 12pm CST Presented by: Don Jones Learn how easy-to-make custom objects not only let you combine output from multiple sources, but also allow you … Continue reading

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Scripting Guy discusses PAM modules

My codeplex project publishing PowerShell Admin Modules (PAM) is discussed in this post In particular the Get-OSInfo function from the PAMSysInfo module is heavily featured

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UK PowerShell Group–June 2011 PowerShell and Office – slides and scripts

As promised on the Live Meeting the slides and scripts are now available at!/?cid=43cfa46a74cf3e96&sc=documents&uc=1&id=43CFA46A74CF3E96%212924!cid=43CFA46A74CF3E96&id=43CFA46A74CF3E96%212924

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UK PowerShell Group–July meeting advance warning

The UK PowerShell group will be presenting a Live Meeting – Tuesday 26 July 2011 @ 7.30pm BST Subject – PowerShell Remoting More details to follow

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IE history to CSV

Back in April last year I wrote a post about viewing IE history I had a comment left asking how this could be put into a CSV file We’ll start by turning the script into an advanced function that … Continue reading

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Setting Security permissions on an AD group

We saw how to create an AD security group here   This is how we can give a user full control of that group function set-groupsecurity { [CmdletBinding()] param ( [string]$name ) $dom = [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.Domain]::GetCurrentDomain() $root = $dom.GetDirectoryEntry() $search … Continue reading

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UK PowerShell UG–30 June 2011

The rescheduled UG session (via Live Meeting) on using Office products with PowerShell is tomorrow. Details from

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