Monthly Archives: April 2014 needs your help

We are trying to raise the money to purchase equipment to record the sessions at future PowerShell Summit’s   If you can help us – please do.   There have been some amazing sessions this year – when you … Continue reading

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Update on Office error

Back in this post I showed that this code $word = New-Object -ComObject “Word.application”            $word.visible = $true            $doc = $word.Documents.Add()            $doc.Activate()                        $word.Selection.Font.Name = “Cambria”            $word.Selection.Font.Size = “20”            $word.Selection.TypeText(“PowerShell”)            $word.Selection.TypeParagraph()                        $word.Selection.Font.Name = “Calibri”            $word.Selection.Font.Size = “12”            $word.Selection.TypeText(“The best … Continue reading

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PowerShell Summit NA 2014–day 1

Day one of the Summit has been and gone and it has lived up to expectations. With more attendees and more sessions than last year this is the place to be if you want your PowerShell questions answered. One of … Continue reading

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To the Summit

Off to the PowerShell Summit tomorrow morning – 3 days of wall to wall PowerShell with some of the most knowledgeable people in the world.  Its going to be fun. More details of the European Summit will be coming soon … Continue reading

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Working with Server Core–Domain join

Windows Server can be installed in two ways – full fat GUI or Server Core.  The latter is Windows without Windows.  The GUI components are stripped off and you’re just left with the core components.  This results in a smaller … Continue reading

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Subnets and prefixes

Sounds a bit like an old time role playing game but is actually a useful piece of knowledge. You can define a subnet mask in 2 ways. Either use  the full mask e.g.  or define the number of bits … Continue reading

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WMI against remote machines

WMI is a great tool for managing your Windows machines – I’d argue that PowerShell wouldn’t be as powerful as it is without WMI. If you question that remember that 60% of the additional cmdlets in Windows Server 2012 & … Continue reading

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