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Just the date

Way back in this post I showed how to find the start of the week. I recently had a question about how to restrict the display to just the date. PowerShell uses the .NET datetime class for working with … Continue reading

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Relevance of Scripts

I had a sudden thought today about the relevance of scripts – PowerShell Scripts –  today. PowerShell v6 can’t run some of the modules that we’ve come to rely on – for instance the AD cmdlets. The Windows Compatibility Pack … Continue reading

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Windows Compatibility Pack

As reported last month the Windows Compatibility Pack for .NET core is available. This adds back some of the functionality missing from .NET core. This functionality is ONLY of relevance on Windows machines. A PowerShell module based on the Compatibility … Continue reading

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PowerShell arrays

An array is a collection of objects. PowerShell arrays can be created manually PS> $a = 1,2,3,4 or $b = @(1,2,3,4) PowerShell will also create arrays automatically when needed: PS> $ps = Get-Process All three options are arrays: PS> $a.GetType() … Continue reading

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