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Winter Scripting Games scheduled

The Winter Scripting Games are tentatively schedule to start 6 January 2014 & run for 4-6 weeks depending on the number of events. See for latest details

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PowerShell too big to know

A couple of sentences in the Scripting Guy’s post from yesterday stuck in my mind: “I am not certain I have ever met anyone who knows everything there is to know about Windows PowerShell. In fact, I am not … Continue reading

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PowerShell Summit 2014–reasons to attend

Microsoft’s Scripting Guy supplies a number of very compelling reasons for attending the PowerShell Summit 2014 in Seattle. Registration details can be found here In addition to the you will be able to talk to MVPs, the … Continue reading

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Rolling back time

  There are many situations where you want to roll the date back – checking a file’s last access time, processing event logs, checking a password expiry in AD. Get-Date (or more accurately the underlying System.DateTime .NET class offers a … Continue reading

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Server Documentation

No one likes documenting their servers but is a necessary job.  As the start of a series on taking those first automation steps – you’ve learned PowerShell and now you want to put it to use – I have an … Continue reading

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Select and List

There are many times when I need to do something like this: get-Whatever | select –first 1 | format-list –property * Normally its because I need to discover the properties on an object and see some representative data at the … Continue reading

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AD Month of Lunches–Chapt 18 & 19 in MEAP

An updated MEAP has been released for Active Directory Management in a Month of Lunches.  This one adds chapters 18 & 19 Chapter 18, “Managing AD trusts” Chapter 19, “Troubleshooting your AD” The MEAP is available from Enjoy

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PowerShell Hero is giving you the chance to nominate your PowerShell hero – someone how has helped you & others with their PowerShell problems. Details from

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ErrorAction and WarningAction

You’ve all probably done something like this: £> Get-Process -Name xyzGet-Process : Cannot find a process with the name “xyz”. Verify the process name and call the cmdlet again.At line:1 char:1+ Get-Process -Name xyz+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: (xyz:String) … Continue reading

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Using WMI methods with the CIM cmdlets

  Using WMI class methods with the CIM cmdlets can cause a lot of confusion. This article, of mine, should clear up that confusion for you.

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