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PowerShell in 2018

So what is going to happen for PowerShell in 2018? In April we have the Summit. Our biggest ever Summit with many more speakers, more sessions and new things including Iron Scripter. We’ll be starting the build up in early … Continue reading

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Cross platform PowerShell remoting

An interesting article on the Scripting Guy blog – discusses using SSH remoting in PowerShell v6. Some of the code needs tightening up but its a good first step for combining v6 and v5.1

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2017 – a year of PowerShell

This is a good time to review what happened in the PowerShell community in 2017. It’s my perspective so is obviously biased based on my experiences. The 2017 PowerShell Summit was an early highlight of the year. We sold out … Continue reading

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Windows Updates CIM classes

When Windows 10 and Server 2016 were released they contained a new CIM namespace – ROOT/Microsoft/Windows/WindowsUpdate This contained a CIM class MSFT_WUOperationsSession that had 2 very useful methods – ScanForUpdates and  ApplyApplicableUpdates. These methods enabled you to find and install … Continue reading

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Test-Path -PathType

Test-Path is a useful cmdlet for testing the validity of a path. You get a True/False return depending on if the path exists or not. There’s also a way to add to the test by determining if the path points … Continue reading

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PowerShell v6: #9 Release candidate 2 features

A couple of features of PowerShell v6 release candidate 2 need commenting on. Firstly, I was surprised when installing RC 2 on a Windows 10 machine (Insider build) that RC1 was removed. In the past you’ve been able to run … Continue reading

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PowerShell v6: #8 Release candidate 2

Release candidate 2 for PowerShell v6 is available for download from – One worrying point is the the OpenSSH implementation which is required for remoting to and from Linux systems doesn’t appear to be any where near a release … Continue reading

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