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January 2011 PowerShell User Group Meeting

Save the date –  11 January 2011  7.30 GMT   UK PowerShell User group presents a Live Meeting with Ed Wilson – THE Scripting Guy. Ed will be talking about:  Windows PowerShell Best Practices Learn Windows PowerShell best practices as … Continue reading

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Manning book offer

My publisher, Manning, have a 35-50% off offer running on ebooks between now and 1 December – check out PowerShell in Practice for Christmas makes a great idea

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Visio Stencils

If you are looking for Visio stencils – especially of a technical nature – check out Visio cafe – –

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PAM 0.4

PowerShell Admin Modules 0.4 is now available.  This adds a PAMSysInfo module to the download that includes the following functions: Get-BIOSInfoGet-BusGet-CDROMGet-ComputerSystemGet-CPUGet-MemIrqGet-OSInfoGet-PageFileGet-SystemGet-TimeZone Get-SystemInfo is a top level function that calls the others for a full system information dump.  All functions take … Continue reading

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SC Virtual Machine Manager

Spent the last two evenings trying to install and configure SC VMM.  Total failure.  Kept getting an error about not being able to connect to the agent on the host – this is after the initial failure of trying to … Continue reading

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PAM 0.3

I’ve added another module to the PSAM project on codeplex. Version 0.3 now has: PAMShares – for working with sharesPAMMath – for working with binary and hexPAMEnv – for working with environmental variables The modules can be downloaded from reading

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Remove environmental variable

Lets round off looking at environmental variables by looking at how to remove them 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 function remove-environment { param (  [string][ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()]$name,  [switch]$perm,  [switch]$machine ) $value = “” if (-not $perm) {Remove-Item -Path env:\$($name) -Force} else {  if ($machine){$type = “Machine”}  else {$type = “User”}  [System.Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable($name, $value, $type) … Continue reading

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Changing environmental variables

This is similar to creating them. 001002003004005006007008009010011012013014015016017018 function set-environment {param ( [string][ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()]$name, [string][ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()]$value, [switch]$perm, [switch]$machine )  if (-not $perm) {Set-Item -Path env:\$($name) -Value $($value)} else {  if ($machine){$type = “Machine”}  else {$type = “User”}  [System.Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable($name, $value, $type) }  Get-Item -Path env:\$($name)}   We use the same variables as when creating a variable.  If a permanent change is required we use the –perm switch but remember that the change … Continue reading

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PowerShell and WMI book

A few months ago I started work on a follow up to PowerShell in Practice – . This book will also be published by Manning. It covers PowerShell and WMI.  These two powerful technologies work well together to give … Continue reading

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PowerShell in Practice goes mobile

PowerShell in Practice is now available in mobi and epub formats for use on Kindle, iPhone, Sony Reader etc etc If you have a copy of the book you should be getting emailed about the availability of these new formats.  … Continue reading

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