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For scripters used to VBScript converting to PowerShell can be a bit daunting.  I remember when I first looked at PowerShell it all seemed very weird compared to VBScript.  It soon clicks and you are off and scripting.   To … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Architecture

In a previous post!43CFA46A74CF3E96!123.entry  I asked a question – Is Infrastructure Architecture the forgotten discipline?   Personally I think it is.  There are a large number of IT professionals fuctioning as Infrastructure Architects that either don’t regard themselves as architects … Continue reading

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PowerShell Community Extensions

Have you seen the PowerShell Community Extensions.  v1.0 has just been released.   Its a PowerShell Snapin that offers some very useful extra cmdlets.   Its available from here   Download it and give it a go.  This snapin … Continue reading

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DEC 2007

Heard late yesterday that my proposal for a presentation at Directory Experts Conference in April 2007 has been accepted.  WOW.   I am going to talk about administering AD with PowerShell.  Should be an experience.   More later

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Exchange RTM

Exchange 2007 has gone RTM.  Thats the first major product to ship with PowerShell built in.   see     Some more good products to ship next year with PowerShell.   Make you New Year resolution to learn PowerShell … Continue reading

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Membership is growing

We’ve had a steady interest in the user group since its launch was announced last week.  I want to ensure that all levels of experience are catered for.    If you have an interest in PowerShell or just want to … Continue reading

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Book Update

The first book on PowerShell (or Monad as it was known then) was by Andy Oakley. It was written around the time of beta 3.  An pdf format update has been issued and is available from O’Reilly   … Continue reading

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