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Heterogeneous environments

When we talk about heterogeneous environments the assumption is that we mean a mixture of Windows and Linux machines. Windows and Linux can be viewed as providing the end points of a spectrum of management issues. In reality there is … Continue reading

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Nano server changes

Nano server is the small, really small, footprint install version of Windows Server that was introduced with Server 2016. it has a limited number of roles available to to install – much like the original version of  Server core. Recent … Continue reading

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PowerShell Direct failure

PowerShell Direct is introduced with Server 2016/Windows 10. it enables you to create a remoting session from the Hyper-V host to a VM using the VM name or ID. I recent discovered a PowerShell Direct failure that I couldn’t explain … Continue reading

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Updating built in modules

Windows 10 and Server 2016 automatically install a module called Pester which is used for testing code. Its the foundation of Test Driven Development or Behaviour Driven Development using PowerShell. The version  installed by default is 3.4.0. Pester is originally … Continue reading

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Applying updates through WSUS

I like to keep the virtual machines in my test lab up to date so have a WSUS server to download and manage updates. The difficulty is applying the updates. With Windows 2012 R2 I used a module that would … Continue reading

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New PowerShell console on Server Core

Server Core is great for reducing the footprint of your VMs – Nano server is smaller but it can’t be a domain controller One draw back to server core is that you only get a single console. If you hang … Continue reading

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Creating a new AD forest

As I’ve completely rebuilt my demo/lab machine I need to re-create the Active Directory This is now so simple even on a server core machine First install the roles and features needed Add-WindowsFeature -Name AD-Domain-Services, RSAT-AD-PowerShell, DNS, RSAT-DNS-Server, DHCP, RSAT-DHCP … Continue reading

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