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Live Writer Problem

Just come across an odd problem with Live Writer.  Experimenting with the copy-script function from I created a simple script and ran the copy script command and tried to paste into Live Writer.  No go.  Live Writer stops working!! … Continue reading

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XML to Word

Found an interesting challenge on the WinIT magazine forum.  Take an XML file <recipe name="bread" prep_time="5 mins" cook_time="3 hours"> <title>Basic bread</title> <ingredient amount="8" unit="dL">Flour</ingredient> <ingredient amount="10" unit="grams">Yeast</ingredient> <ingredient amount="4" unit="dL" state="warm">Water</ingredient> <ingredient amount="1" unit="teaspoon">Salt</ingredient> <instructions> <step>Mix all ingredients together.</step> <step>Knead … Continue reading

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Certificate Lifespan

Eileen has posted about a fairly long life span for one of the certificates on her machine – If you want to find the certificate that will last the longest on your machine – PowerShell is there for you … Continue reading

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CTP 3 – More functions

I realised after my post on advanced functions that I am getting ahead of myself.  Part of what I wanted to do was take the functional code in the original script and wrap it up to make it moe production … Continue reading

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PowerShell Homework: The answer

In this post –!43CFA46A74CF3E96!2006.entry – I mentioned the puzzle set by Jeffrey Hicks in his PowerShell column. If you want the answer it is available at –   Technorati Tags: PowerShell

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Live Writer

I have been using Live Writer for a while now and it is pretty good.  The latest version has some good improvements like a preview pane and the ability to see and work with the source. Major gripe is that … Continue reading

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CTP 3 .NET 3.5 SP 1

Lesson number 1 – Read the Release Notes properly. Went to use the new Out-GridvView cmdlet in CTP 3 and discovered that I needed .NET 3.5 SP1.  I knew from CTP 2 that I needed .NET 3.5 so didn’t really … Continue reading

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