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Hidden Files

The last post got me thinking about hidden files and file attributes and how we can manipulate them in PowerShell.  Lets start by creating a PowerShell script. PS> "’hello world’" > test.ps1PS> ./test.ps1 We can see the file in a … Continue reading

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Removing Hidden files

I used the OneNote 2007 Side Note utility this morning and for some reason it created a table of contents file ( .onetoc2 ) file in each of the folders in which I keep my PowerShell. Strange behaviour.  Any way … Continue reading

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Live Search on Windows 7 & IE 8

In this post!43CFA46A74CF3E96!2349 I was complaining that Live Search had stopped working on my Windows 7 build.  I had a Vista machine that I had upgraded and post the upgrade Live Search wouldn’t work.  I’d also noticed that Live … Continue reading

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Friday 19 June 2009

Where are you going to be on Friday 19 June? Glued to your computer – thats where. Why? Because it is the TechNet Virtual Conference – that’s why.  Lots of great sessions on all sorts of new Microsoft technologies. First … Continue reading

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Chapter 12 MEAP – PowerShell in Practice

Chapter 12 – dealing with Exchange servers is available on MEAP –   Chapter 13 (IIS) is coming along nicely and should be available soon   Enjoy

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Unix to PowerShell

PowerShell already uses some Unix commands as aliases e.g. ls is alias for Get-ChildItem. Joe Pruitt is starting a series of posts that will create PowerShell equivalents for some of the most popular Unix tools.  First up is md5—md5.aspxContinue reading

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A real windows 7 annoyance

One thing that is really driving me nuts with windows 7 is the way it keeps deciding to maximise Windows just because I happen to move them to a particular point on screen. if I want a Window maximised I … Continue reading

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User group meeting

Don’t forget the PowerShell user Group meeting tomorrow – 19 May   6.30 – 9.00 at Microsoft Reading Live Meeting also available see!43CFA46A74CF3E96!2310 for details Technorati Tags: PowerShell,User Group

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Scripting Games 2009

The last few years have seen Microsoft running the annual Scripting Games – usually early in the year.  Don’t worry if you think you’ve missed them as this year they will be in the Summer – June 16-26. See – … Continue reading

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Combining Output

A recent question of the PowerShell forum asked how the output of two scripts could be combined.  The scripts in question were using Get-ChildItem and Get-Acl to pull back two sets of information related to the file. PowerShell produces objects. … Continue reading

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