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AD – protection from accidental deletion

My article on using the Windows 2008 AD new feature  Protection from Accidental Deletion,  via PowerShell as been published on the Industry Insiders site Technorati Tags: PowerShell, Active Directory

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Saga of Recluce

I have been re-reading a couple of books from the Saga of Recluce series by L. E. Modesitt Jr. – Magi’i of Cyador and Scion of Cyador.   If you haven’t read this series it details the conflict between Chaos and Order … Continue reading

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Prometric Exam centres

Earlier this year Microsoft changed to only using Prometric to deliver MCP exams.  Apart from my first two exams in late 1999 I have been using VUE for all my exams – mainly because the nearest exam centres were VUE. … Continue reading

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Command line versus cmdlet

As I mentioned earlier one of my Domain Controllers is built on Server Core. Wanting to look at administering these boxes (no PowerShell !!!) we have to fall back on the ds* command line tools. If I want to see … Continue reading

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Adding members to groups

Thinking about the script in the previous post for adding members to groups there is an obvious way to simplify it ## read the list of groupsImport-Csv -Path groups.txt | ForEach-Object {     $file = $_.Name + ".txt"    $file     … Continue reading

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AD Rebuild VI – Populating groups

If you have been following to this stage we have created OUs, Groups and the user population of our new AD.  Its now time to populate those groups. I have a set of text files containing names. One file per … Continue reading

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Invoking external commands

Interest in PowerShell is obviously growing as I am seeming questions about PowerShell appear in forums other than those dedicated to PowerShell.  One recent question was about invoking external commands in PowerShell. There are a number of ways to achieve … Continue reading

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Transferring FSMO roles ???

I have been testing Windows 2008 and have a test domain with 2 domain controllers.  The first DC is built as Server Core and holds all of the FSMO roles because it was the first DC.  Building a new forest … Continue reading

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New announcements in the pipeline

Keep an eye on the PowerShell Team blog – looks like some details of the PowerShell futures will be coming soon Technorati Tags: PowerShell

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Linux Losing Market Share to Windows Server

Just came across this little gem of a story – see among others. Technorati Tags: Windows, Linux

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