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PowerShell Europe 2015 Agenda

As has been announced registration for the PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 opens on 27 February 2015. Other details on the Summit can be found here: The agenda for the Summit can be found on the event site for … Continue reading

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Change to DSC Resource Kit release strategy

The PowerShell team blog details the new resources and bug fixes in wave 10 of the DSC resource kit. This is a much smaller release than the of late but includes new resources for initializing and formatting disks IMPORTANT … Continue reading

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DSC Resource Kit Wave 10

The next release (wave 10) of the Desired State Resource Kit is available. You can download the whole of the resource kit from This version includes the IIS resources that were missing in wave 9

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WMF 5.0 February 2015 preview

A new preview of Windows Management Framework 5.0 (PowerShell) is available. See for details. The release notes indicate which new features are considered stable and which are still regarded as experimental and therefore subject to change. Downloads are available … Continue reading

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Copy a file with WMI

A question came up on the forum about copying files with CIM (WMI). I normally use Copy-Item rather than CIM as its easier. The questioner was using CIM_LogicalFile when I’ve normally used CIM_DataFile so I decided to take a look … Continue reading

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Shutting down machines in parallel

My test lab is a set of virtual machines running on a Lenovo w1510 laptop. When I’ve finished working for the day I want to shut down the virtual machines and the laptop. I may have anywhere between 2 and … Continue reading

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Testing AD replication

I thought that using a workflow with its foreach –parallel construct would be a good way to test AD replication. I found that I got double the results – the foreach seemed to go to each machine twice. Eventually decided … Continue reading

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