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PowerShell Basics: 3 When not to use PowerShell

Is there a time when you shouldn’t use PowerShell – No Is there a time when there might be better alternatives – Yes I can think of a number of situations where writing a PowerShell script may not be the … Continue reading

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PowerShell Basics: 2 Utility cmdlets

  The utility cmdlets are the glue that we use to bind our actions together on the PowerShell pipeline. We can easily discover the list of utility cmdlets by using Get-Command *-object I split the utility cmdlets into two groups.  … Continue reading

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Advanced Function Template typo

Just discovered a typo in the advanced function template I posted. It should be function aaaa-yyyyyy{ [CmdletBinding(SupportsShouldProcess=$true,     ConfirmImpact=”Medium Low High None”,     DefaultParameterSetName=”XXXXX”)] param ( [parameter(Position=0,   Mandatory=$true,   ParameterSetName=”YYYYYYYYYY”,   ValueFromPipeline=$true,    ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true,   ValueFromRemainingArguments=$true,   HelpMessage=”Put your message here” )]   [Alias(“CN”, … Continue reading

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PowerShell UG–June 2011 reminder

Don’t forget to add the June meeting of the UK PowerShell User group to your calendar.  Its June 21 at 7.30pm BST. Details available from

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Hardware Update

Last year I bought a Lenovo W510 to use as my mobile(ish) Hyper-V lab.  I mentioned the initial problems I’d had with core parking – Once those were resolved I haven’t had any other problems with it.  I never … Continue reading

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PowerShell Basics: 1 What is PowerShell?

Discussions at the PowerShell Deep Dive and the entries for the Scripting Games showed me that there is tremendous amount of interest in PowerShell but that there are a lot of people that are still unsure of how to get … Continue reading

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Manning Deal of the Day–29 May

Today, for one day only, get 50% off PowerShell and WMI MEAP or MEAP+ebook.   The code is dotd0529cc when you order from   The same code can be used for PowerShell in Action – second edition and PowerShell … Continue reading

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