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Assemblies loaded in PowerShell

A question in the newsgroups about using Windows Forms with PowerShell got me thinking about what assemblies are actually loaded by PowerShell.  As I load a number of extra snapins in my profile I decided to step through them and … Continue reading

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Loading Assemblies

PowerShell sits on top of .NET which means that it can utilise the .NET functionality.  PowerShell, by default, does not load all of the .NET assemblies.  To use this extra functionality it is necessary to load the relevant assembly.  The … Continue reading

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Table Creation with SMO

In a recent post!43CFA46A74CF3E96!727.entry  I showed how to use SMO to create a database table.  The drawback to the approach used in that post was that the columns had to be added separately rather than using the usual CREATE TABLE command. … Continue reading

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Windows Server 2008 RC0

RC0 has been released For download: 32-bit: 64-bit This version includes Windows Server Virtualisation (on a 64bit machine).  See James’ blog for details of how to install the Virtualization role   Technorati Tags: Windows Server 2008

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PowerShell V2

Looks like details of PowerShell V2 will be announced at IT Forum in November.  That is quite fitting as the RTW was announced there last year.  See Technorati Tags: PowerShell

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The Export-OneNote cmdlet does what it says and exports information held in OneNote notebooks.  There are a number of very nice features about this cmdlet.  The main one is the number of formats to which data can be exported – MHT, PDF,DOC, … Continue reading

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Open-OneNote cmdlet

The Open-OneNote cmdlet doesn’t do what I expected.  I had expected it to literally do what is says and open the OneNote application.   What is seems to do is swap you to the onenote provider and navigate to the appropriate … Continue reading

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OneNote TOC

Do you want to create a Table of Contents for your OneNote notebooks. Try using Get-OneNoteTOC. Though as it is creating a TOC shouldn’t the verb be set? Using the OneNote provider navigate to the notebook section you want to … Continue reading

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OneNote Provider

I was trying to use the OneNote provider and was getting an error the the component could not be accessed.  In the System Event Log I found this under an EventID 10010 with a source of DistributedCOM. The server {0039FFEC-A022-4232-8274-6B34787BFC27} … Continue reading

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Help Files

I tend to look at most of the new PowerShell cmdlets and providers as they come along.  One thing that I have noticed in a number of products is the lack of examples. I think a few, well chosen examples make … Continue reading

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