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Learning PowerShell

A recent post on – – gave this path for learning PowerShell and becoming more proficient Books: Learn Powershell In A Month of Lunches Learn Powershell Toolmaking in a month of Lunches Windows Powershell In Action 3rd Edition … Continue reading

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Finding a CIM class

One of the problems you might find is finding a CIM class. You know its name but you don’t know which namespace its in. The old WMI cmdlets allow you to search the namespaces recursively PS> Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Process -Namespace … Continue reading

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Joining and Testing folder paths

Last time I showed how to split folder paths to just leave the path – no filenames or drive information. What about the opposite task – joining and testing folder paths. Here’s an example $basepath = ‘C:\Scripts’ $pathsTotest = ‘Containers’,’HyperV’, … Continue reading

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Just the folders

Lets say you have a bunch of files in nested folders but  you just want the folders  not the file or drive Our files look like this C:\Scripts\HyperV\Setup C:\Scripts\HyperV\attachdisks.ps1 C:\Scripts\HyperV\get-mountedvhdDrive.ps1 C:\Scripts\HyperV\invoke-CIMshutdown.ps1 C:\Scripts\HyperV\set-loopbackswitch.ps1 C:\Scripts\HyperV\Set-NestedVirtualisation.ps1 C:\Scripts\HyperV\set-realswitch.ps1 C:\Scripts\HyperV\Start-AllWindowsVMs.ps1 C:\Scripts\HyperV\Stop-AllVMs.ps1 C:\Scripts\HyperV\Stop-Lab.ps1 C:\Scripts\HyperV\test-HotfixIpresence.ps1 C:\Scripts\HyperV\Setup\Copy-Updates.ps1 C:\Scripts\HyperV\Setup\Get-LicenseStatus.ps1 … Continue reading

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Location, location

Just recently I’ve found my self repeatedly working through a location, location pattern. cd C:\test\ .\hello.ps1 cd C:\Scripts\ The pattern consists of changing to another folder. Running some code and then changing back to the original folder – assuming you … Continue reading

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A comment on yesterday’s post about passing parameters into a script block asked why I hadn’t mention $using $using allows you to access a local variable in a scriptblock BUT you need to be careful PS> $proc = “power*” Invoke-Command … Continue reading

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PowerShell on Linux

An introduction to PowerShell v6 on Windows, mac and Linux is available here Well worth a read if you haven’t looked at PowerShell v6 yet

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Passing parameters to a script block

Passing parameters to a scriptblock seems to be an issue at the moment. Consider a simple scriptblock Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock {Get-Process} How can you modify that to parameterise the processes that are returned. Its a two step process. Add a parameter … Continue reading

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Generating passwords

Generating new passwords can be a painful business. There are many ways of accomplishing password generation – depending on your needs.  One suggestion for generating passwords is to use a GUID as the basis of the password PS> New-Guid Guid … Continue reading

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Nano server changes

Nano server is the small, really small, footprint install version of Windows Server that was introduced with Server 2016. it has a limited number of roles available to to install – much like the original version of  Server core. Recent … Continue reading

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