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UK PowerShell Group sessions for 2013

This is the list of proposed sessions for 2013. It is subject to change depending on circumstances. All sessions are delivered by Live Meeting on Tuesdays at 7:30 UK time 29 January – PowerShell and Active Directory 26 February – … Continue reading

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WMF compatibility

The Windows Management Framework 3.0 has been released as a Windows update. However there are some compatibility issues as documented on the PowerShell team blog.  if you haven’t see the post it here

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Renaming a user

I was asked about searching a user name for a string and replacing it so that the object is renamed. This is a three stage activity.  First get the user. Two modify the name. Three rename the object.  In active … Continue reading

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PowerShell Deep Dives

PowerShell Deep Dives is a book put together by the PowerShell community.  I’m editing one of the sections and have contributed some of the chapters. Manning have just started releasing it on their MEAP program.  The full book will hopefully … Continue reading

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Registry oddity

Looking at modifying the registry on a virtual machine while its offline. I mount the VHDX file and can run this  to load the registry PS> reg load HKLM\VHDSYS h:\windows\system32\config\system The operation completed successfully. If I perform a reg unload … Continue reading

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PowerShell v3 installed modules

This is the list of installed modules in PowerShell v3 on Windows 8 AppLockerAppxBitLockerBitsTransferBranchCacheCimCmdletsDirectAccessClientComponentsDismDnsClientInternationaliSCSIISEKdsMicrosoft.PowerShell.DiagnosticsMicrosoft.PowerShell.HostMicrosoft.PowerShell.ManagementMicrosoft.PowerShell.SecurityMicrosoft.PowerShell.UtilityMicrosoft.WSMan.ManagementMMAgentMsDtcNetAdapterNetConnectionNetLbfoNetQosNetSecurityNetSwitchTeamNetTCPIPNetworkConnectivityStatusNetworkTransitionPKIPrintManagementPSDiagnosticsPSScheduledJobPSWorkflowPSWorkflowUtilityScheduledTasksSecureBootSmbShareSmbWitnessStorageTroubleshootingPackTrustedPlatformModuleVpnClientWdacWebAdministrationWindowsDeveloperLicenseWindowsErrorReporting This is the corresponding list on PowerShell v3 installed on Windows 7 AppLockerBitsTransferCimCmdletsISEMicrosoft.PowerShell.DiagnosticsMicrosoft.PowerShell.HostMicrosoft.PowerShell.ManagementMicrosoft.PowerShell.SecurityMicrosoft.PowerShell.UtilityMicrosoft.WSMan.ManagementPSDiagnosticsPSScheduledJobPSWorkflowPSWorkflowUtilityTroubleshootingPack As you can see there is quite a difference! All of the Windows … Continue reading

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Creating Virtual machines #1: Creating the VM

I’ve had two projects in mind for a while.  First I need to build a new WSUS server in my virtual environment & secondly I want to automate as much of the VM creation and configuration as possible. Oh – … Continue reading

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PowerShell Jobs session recording

The recording, slides and demo scripts from tonight’s session on PowerShell Jobs is available from

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Clearing AD values

A reader left a comment on this post I was asked to show how to use the –Clear parameter. Using the same CSV file this works: $users = Import-Csv -Path C:\Scripts\adtest.csv # Loop through CSV and update users if … Continue reading

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Keep taking the tablets

Tablets seem to be all the rage at the moment. I’ve been working with three different types over the last month or so and thought I’d share my observations. These are base on my personal circumstances and needs – yours … Continue reading

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