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Grains of rice on a chess board

There is a story about the inventor of chess being rewarded by putting 1 grain of rice on the first square of the board; 2 on the second and so on.  How much rice does that come to?   The … Continue reading

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Event Log Providers

An event log provider is writes to an event log.  I’ve used WMI in the past to get these but while looking for somethign else discovered that Get-WinEvent can also find this information   Get-WinEvent -ListProvider * | ft Name, … Continue reading

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Patching Server Core

I’ve been rebuilding my test lab after installing a SSD into the machine running it in place of the SATA drive.  Huge improvement in load speed of virtual machines – well worth the cost. I usually have a number of … Continue reading

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European Summit deadline approaching

There are just over two weeks left for you to register for the European PowerShell Summit. At the moment we are still short of the number that would enable us to repeat a European Summit in 2015.  We had a … Continue reading

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DSC Resource Kit–wave 6

The next wave of the DSC resource kit is available with some new resources and updates to old favourites. Details from:

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Learning, always learning

PowerShell is going mainstream amongst the administrator community – it may seem slow but the last couple of years has definitely seen a sustained upswing in adoption in my experience. As more people are demonstrating the benefits we see more … Continue reading

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Count property

Its frequently said that PowerShell is so big that no one can know everything about it.  I proved that today when I “discovered” a change in PowerShell of which I wasn’t aware.   If you create an array: £> $a … Continue reading

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