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DSC update

The PowerShell team have posted an update on what’s happening with DSC. The interesting thing is the decoupling of the Local Configuration Manager from Windows. A new LCM that can use resources written in multiple languages sounds good – … Continue reading

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Reverse DSC

DSC is a configuration management tool that first appeared in PowerShell v4 and was refined in PowerShell v5/5.1. Major changes are coming to DSC of which more later. DSC takes a configuration and applies it to a server. What about … Continue reading

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DSC–the future?

I was incredibly excited when I first saw DSC – it was in April 2013 as a special MVP only preview at the first PowerShell Summit – as a work in progress. Since that time my excitement has waned to … Continue reading

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Build a better pull server

DSC functions in 2 modes – push (most basic) and pull. Creating a pull server is a non-trivial task and the out-of-the-box pull server has some issues. Some of the folks at have decided its time to build a … Continue reading

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DSC Configuring Sharing

A new set of repositories on Github document a process for sharing end-to-end scenario based DSC configurations These are open to community involvement

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September 2016–DSC Resource updates

Two new modules of DSC resources are available: OfficeOnlineServerDsc SystemLocaleDsc A number of updates to existing resources have been made available. Details from

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Open source PowerShell and OMI

  OMI – the Open Source CIM server is available on github This appears to be a later version than currently shown on the open group web site Combine this with open source PowerShell and the DSC on … Continue reading

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