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September 2016–DSC Resource updates

Two new modules of DSC resources are available: OfficeOnlineServerDsc SystemLocaleDsc A number of updates to existing resources have been made available. Details from

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Open source PowerShell and OMI

  OMI – the Open Source CIM server is available on github This appears to be a later version than currently shown on the open group web site Combine this with open source PowerShell and the DSC on … Continue reading

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DSC and Nano Server

Nano Server is the minimalist version of Windows that Server 2016 introduces. I needed a target for DSC this afternoon so decided that I’d spin up a Nano Server instance – because they are very, very quick to create. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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DSC resource kit update–October 2015

The DSC resource kit is the primary place to look for DSC resources beyond those baked into Windows. An update to the resources in the kit has been announced. Some new resources and lots of bug fixes. see for … Continue reading

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PowerShell DSC for Linux 1.1

PowerShell DSC for Linux 1.1 has been released. With bug fixes, support for the separation of configuration and node ids  and new resources this release makes it easier than ever to manage your Linux boxes through DSC

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DSC validation

The PowerShell team are asking for validation and feedback on the DSC features in WMF 5.0 – First up is the PowerShell DSC RunAsCredential – Other features will be explained and your validation solicited over the course of … Continue reading

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PowerShell DSC for Linux

PowerShell DSC for Linux has moved out of CTP and v1 is available for download from You will find more details at You will need to download OMI version 1.0.8-1 which is available from OMI has to … Continue reading

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