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PowerShell ThreadJobs

PowerShell Jobs were introduced in PowerShell v2. While remoting got the attention in that release PowerShell Jobs are at least as important. PowerShell v6.1 preview 4 has introduced a new addition to the options for jobs – PowerShell ThreadJobs. The … Continue reading

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Update-Help difference

Between Windows PowerShell v5.1 and PowerShell v6.x I’ve noticed an Update-Help difference. In Windows PowerShell v5.1 I can just do this: Update-Help  -Force from an elevated prompt. In PowerShell v6.0 and V6.1 previews I have to give the UI culture … Continue reading

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Measure-Object Enhancement

PowerShell v6.1 preview 4 brings a Measure-Object enhancement. Measure-Object has been around since PowerShell v1. It enables you to measure the properties of an object and easily perform a number of calculations. PS>  Get-ChildItem -File | Measure-Object -Property Length Count             … Continue reading

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New releases of PowerShell v6.x

New releases of PowerShell v6.x are available. First off v6.0.3 is available. This is a servicing release to update PowerShell v6.0 to use .Net 2.0.8. The primary point of this release is to update to fix the vulnerability discussed in … Continue reading

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UK PowerShell conference

There’s a one day PowerShell conference in October in London – It’s rumoured I may be there and speaking

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Windows Server 2008 EoL

Windows Server 2008 EoL on 14 January 2020 Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will be end of life and no longer supported from 14 January 2020 – There’s plenty of time to think about migrating off of the … Continue reading

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Windows activation

Windows activation is usually straight forward. Put in the license key during installation, ensure the machine can connect to the Internet and wait a bit. Windows is activated. Except today I was rebuilding some VMs and the activation didn’t work. … Continue reading

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