TechEd Review

So back home after TechEd. 
TechEd was a very interesting experience this year.  The technical content was very good.  Exchange 2007, Office 2007 and Vista domainated as you expect.  PowerShell was mentioned lots of times – even featuring in the key note with the RTM announcement – Hurrah!!
Other products – some of which I’d not had much chance to look at before were well represented:
  • Systems Integration with BizTalk
  • Windows Longhorn – more PowerShell
  • IIS 7 – more Powershell
  • MIIS
  • Some Architecture sessions including
    • SOA
    • Infrastructure Optimisation Model
  • Compute Cluster – way beyond cool
  • Virtual machine Manager
  • Data Protection Manager – powershell in v2
  • Operations Manager 2007 (MOM) – powershell again
  • Lotus Notes Transition Framework – Powershell driven
No prizes for guessing the theme here.
Exhibition was slightly sparse compared to previous years though there were more than enough interesting technologies on view to keep any one happy.  The usual bag of freebies – extra special one this year – go to TechEd & come back with a user group – not bad
Even the flight back was enjoyable.  Now this is usually the low spot of the conference as you are tired, its a late flight with 1-2 hour drive when get back and to top it all you don’t really like flying.  This year I was lucky enough to be sat next to Eileen Brown the Microsoft Evangelist Manager from the UK.  We had a very enjoyable conversation about technology and all sorts of other things.  Turned the flight into one of the most enjoyable parts of the conference – Many thanks Eileen.  If you don’t read her blog  you should do theres lots of good stuff there.
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