Documentation can be wrong!

We rely on vendor documentation to help us solve problems. Documentation is produced by people and people make mistakes so Documentation can be wrong!

As an example:

The CIM class Win32_OperatingSystem has a Description property. According to the documentation the Description property is

“ Description of the Windows operating system. Some user interfaces for example, those that allow editing of this description, limit its length to 48 characters.”

if you take this to mean the description describes something about the OS you’d be wrong.

PS> Get-CimInstance Win32_OperatingSystem | Format-List Caption, Description

Caption     : Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
Description : Richards Laptop

The caption property gives a description of the OS. The Description property is what you’ll find at

Control Panel –> System –> Advanced system settings –> Computer Name tab –> Computer description field

If you find something that doesn’t match with the documentation double check as you may find the documentation is wrong!

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2 Responses to Documentation can be wrong!

  1. Tommy says:

    I think it’s unfair to say ‘wrong,’ but misleading. If you abstract all of the elements of the statement, it’s correct, just misleading in the fact that our brain want to think that the abstracted elements mean something more than what they are documenting. I run across this all the time with MSDN documentation. You have to think very logically and abstractly when reading things written both quickly and by nerds.

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