Passing parameters to a script block

Passing parameters to a scriptblock seems to be an issue at the moment.

Consider a simple scriptblock

Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock {Get-Process}

How can you modify that to parameterise the processes that are returned.

Its a two step process. Add a parameter block to your script block and secondly pass the correct values to the scriptblock

Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock {
   param ($proc )
   Get-Process -Name $proc
} -ArgumentList “power*”

If you want to pass an array of values to the scriptblock you have 2 options. First abandon the named parameter

$p = (“power*”, “win*”)

Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock {
   Get-Process -Name $args
} -ArgumentList $p

if you use $args then all arguments are available through the array

Scriptblocks unravel the array of arguments so if you want named parameters then you need to force the scriptblock to accept an array by using the unary comma operator

$p = (“power*”, “win*”)

Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock {
   param ($proc )
   Get-Process -Name $proc
} -ArgumentList (,$p)

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1 Response to Passing parameters to a script block

  1. skolvikings says:

    What about the $Using:Variable syntax. That’s what I’ve been using since 3.0 was released.

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